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Bewitched (1964)

Date added to database: 11/05/2003
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Mill Creek Entertainment, Shout! Factory, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
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Show Categories: Comedy, Fantasy

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Bewitched News (Top)
8/21/2015 Box Art and New Details for 'The Complete Series' DVD Re-Release
TV's Endearing Enchantress in all 254 Episodes! Ranked one of the Top 50 Television Shows of All Time! A young man and a young woman meet, begin dating, fall in love and get married. What more could anyone... (read entire news item)

7/22/2015 Fall Re-Release from Mill Creek of 'The Complete Series' DVDs
We don't have an official announcement from Mill Creek Entertainment yet, but this afternoon we discovered that Amazon's branch in Canada has a pre-order entry for MCE's re-release of Bewitched - The... (read entire news item)

1/20/2015 Both Sargent and York in Mill Creek's 'Seasons 5 and 6' DVDs
Season 5: The magic on Morning Glory Circle continues as Samantha (Elizabeth Montgomery), Darrin (Dick York), and Endora (Agnes Moorehead) return in Bewitched: The Complete Fifth Season. Join the Stephens... (read entire news item)

4/18/2014 With a Nose Twitch, Mill Creek Conjures Up Both Seasons 3 and 4
Elizabeth Montgomery stars as Samantha Stephens, a pretty, typical American housewife who just happens to be a witch in this beloved comedy classic! This magical 6 DVD collection includes all 66 hilarious... (read entire news item)

11/13/2013 Mill Creek's Box Art for 'Seasons 1 & 2' and 'Season 2' DVDs
This past Thursday Mill Creek Entertainment announced that on January 21st they will re-release Bewitched - Season 1 on DVD, along with Bewitched - Season 2 and a combo set of both Bewitched - Seasons... (read entire news item)

11/07/2013 Sam and 'Derwood' in the ORIGINAL Black-and-White Seasons 1 and 2!
Elizabeth Montgomery stars as Samantha Stephens, a pretty, typical America housewife who just happens to be a witch in this beloved comedy classic! This magical 6 DVD collection includes the Emmy Award-winning... (read entire news item)

8/12/2013 Packaging Pictures Have Now Appeared for 'The Complete Series'!
In the middle of last month we brought you the word from Sony that - for the first time - they would release in North America Bewitched - The Complete Series on DVD. All 8 seasons of the show will be... (read entire news item)

7/15/2013 At Long Last, Sony is Magicking Up a 'Complete Series' DVD Set!
Between the summer of 2005 and the summer of 2009, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment released all 8 seasons of the magical sitcom...but somewhere the studio missed a trick, because this series has never... (read entire news item)

8/31/2009 Front/Rear Box Art, Episode List for Sony's 'Bewitched: Fan Favorites' DVD
Several weeks ago we reported the details about Sony's September 29th releases of their "Fan Favorites" line-up. Now the studio has provided the front and rear package art (including episode lists on... (read entire news item)

6/02/2009 Back of the Box for Bewitched - The Complete 8th & Final Season DVDs
Last month we brought you Sony's press release and front package art for Bewitched - The Complete 8th & Final Season on DVD, which will appear in stores beginning July 14th. The studio has now sent us... (read entire news item)

5/11/2009 Sony Twitches Up a Press Release, Final Box Art for the 8th Season Set on DVD
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Everyone's Favorite Witch Returns in... BEWITCHED: THE COMPLETE EIGHTH AND FINAL SEASON Starring Elizabeth Montgomery, Dick Sargent, Agnes Moorehead, David White and... (read entire news item)

5/04/2009 Sony Officially Announces Season 8: DVD Specs, Price & Early Box Art
The final magic season with the Stephens family! This season, the family takes a tour of Europe, where Samantha's head is in danger after she catches the eye and ire of Henry VIII, and she reveals the... (read entire news item)

3/16/2009 Fan Site Twitches Up a Street Date for the 8th (and Final) Season on DVD!
The folks over at the fan site (the biggest, longest-running site for the show you can find on the web) have posted some good news for fans of the series! The most recent update on their... (read entire news item)

12/16/2008 Final Front & Rear Box Art for Bewitched - The 7th Season
As you know, Bewitched - The 7th Season is on the way for a DVD release on February 3rd. We've previously shown you an early look, medium-sized, at the front cover art for this 4-DVD set. Now Sony has... (read entire news item)

11/28/2008 7th Season Cover Art Appears to Retailers, And We've Got a Look at it for YOU!
This past Monday Sony issued a formal press release about their February 3rd four-disc set of Bewitched - The 7th Season on DVD. Now we've gotten our first look at the front cover art for this collection,... (read entire news item)

11/24/2008 Sony Formally Announces the 7th Season Set; Issues Press Release
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Elizabeth Montgomery, Dick Sargent and Agnes Moorhead Return For More Magical Hijinks BEWITCHED: THE COMPLETE SEVENTH SEASON All 28 Episodes Arrive in a Four-Disc Boxed... (read entire news item)

11/14/2008 Someone's Let the (Black?) Cat Out of the Bag: Complete 7th Season Release Date, Price!
Early last month we let you know that Bewitched - The Complete 7th Season, the next-to-last season of the classic sitcom, was being planned for a DVD release in "the first part of 2009". The studio,... (read entire news item)

10/02/2008 What's the Word on the 7th Season Set? We Asked About It!
This past May saw the release of Bewitched - The Complete 6th Season on DVD. It arrived following a long wait from the July 2007 release of the 5th Season set. Lately fans have been getting a bit anxious... (read entire news item)

3/16/2008 We Twitched Our Noses, And 6th Season Rear Package Art Appeared!
A couple of weeks ago we had the package art scoop for Bewitched - The Complete 6th Season, which Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is brewing up for a May 6th release. Now the studio has sent out the... (read entire news item)

2/25/2008 Final Package Art, Correct Date for The Complete 6th Season DVDs
This morning we posted our story announcing Bewitched - The Complete 6th Season, a 4-DVD set coming in May. In the original story, we incorrectly said that the street date would be the 20th. TVShowsOnDVD... (read entire news item)

2/25/2008 Dick Sargent Arrives, Along With Baby Adam, on the 6th DVD Sets this May! **CORRECTED & UPDATED**
It's been a long wait (last July!) since the fifth season release, and fans are anxious! Well, the patience has paid off: this morning Sony Pictures Home Entertainment officially announces Bewitched... (read entire news item)

9/09/2007 Bewitched at 59% off - Today Only!
Amazon has another "Gold Box" deal today; Bewitched seasons 1-5 for 59% off, bringing it down to $75.49. That sounds like the perfect Christmas gift for a classic TV love. Don't forget this is a one-day... (read entire news item)

5/01/2007 Season 5 Press Release & New Artwork
Elizabeth Montgomery, Dick York and Agnes Moorehead Are Back for More Magical, Nose-Twitching Fun BEWITCHED: THE COMPLETE FIFTH SEASON All 30 Episodes Arrive on DVD July 10 in a 4-disc Boxed Set Culver... (read entire news item)

4/23/2007 Return to Morning Glory Circle With The 5th Season of Bewitched!
Amazon already has a pre-release order listing for the July 10th release of Bewitched - The Complete 5th Season. Cost is $39.95 SRP, but Amazon's current pre-order price is just $27.99 for 30 episodes... (read entire news item)

8/18/2006 Season 4 Press Release & New Art
Sony has released new artwork for the fourth season of Bewitched, along with their press release for the set. Elizabeth Montgomery, Dick York and Agnes Moorhead Are Back in Bewitching Mode BEWITCHED:... (read entire news item)

8/14/2006 Package Art & More Details For The 4th Season Of Bewitched
As we reported on Friday, Sony is announcing the Bewitched - The Complete 4th Season DVD set for release on October 24th. The 4-DVD set will contain 33 episodes in the original full-screen video. Audio... (read entire news item)

8/11/2006 Retailer Lets The Cat Out Of The Bag For 4th Season Info!
For those of you wondering when we would see more Bewitched on DVD, has answered your question overnight. This morning we see that the giant e-tailer has jumped the gun on Sony's announce... (read entire news item)

2/10/2006 Rear Cover Art & Sharper-Looking Front Cover Art For Complete 3rd Season
It's been a month since Sony announced the March 21 release of Bewitched - The Complete 3rd Season. We had some cover art for you back then, but it was a tad blurry and low-res. We've got high-res front... (read entire news item)

1/09/2006 No choice this time: Season 3 is in Color ***Updated***
Add the third season of this popular, magical series to your DVD library! Starring the bewitching Elizabeth Montgomery, Dick York and more. Samantha and Darrin settle in with baby Tabitha, Darrin tries... (read entire news item)

9/15/2005 Larger Box Art - Front and Back
We had some small artwork to share with you when we first announced the upcoming DVD release, but Sony has made the full-sized art available for the front and back of the box. Both releases will... (read entire news item)

9/03/2005 More Info About 'TV Sampler' Bundled with 2005 Film
A couple of weeks ago we brought you Sony's official announcement for Bewitched - The Complete 2nd Season, due out on October 25th. The 2005 Bewitched film starring Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell is... (read entire news item)

8/19/2005 Cover Art for both 2nd Season releases, plus more info
As we mentioned in our story about the second-season DVD sets of Bewitched, there are two versions coming out on Oct. 25: the original black-and-white broadcast episodes, and a colorized version which... (read entire news item)

8/15/2005 Official Sony Announcement for 2nd Season, plus there's a 'TV Sampler' with some copies of the 2005 Film's DVD
A week-and-a-half ago we spoke about the Bewitched - The Complete 2nd Season DVD release, mainly because a lot of other websites had already spilled the beans ahead of Sony's official announce date. ... (read entire news item)

8/04/2005 2nd Season Info Leaked All Over the 'Net...
We're getting pelted with e-mail here from readers, and it seems the cat is out-of-the-bag! There are reports posted all over the internet, including such well-known websites as,,... (read entire news item)

4/13/2005 Extras Unveiled, Plus Full-Size Box Art!
This past Monday we excitedly relayed Sony's announcement that the classic TV show Bewitched was coming to DVD on June 21st. Two different varieties of the set will be released: one that is in the Original... (read entire news item)

4/11/2005 Sony twitches their noses and creates Bewitched Season Sets! We Have The First Official Details.
Elizabeth Montgomery is Samantha Stephens in Bewitched, the classic 1964 sitcom about a lovely young witch who married a mortal named Darrin (Dick York for the first five seasons) over the objections... (read entire news item)

3/29/2005 Original Black & White DVDs? Or Colorized DVDs? YOUR CHOICE!
Earlier this month we reported that Bewitched (and spin-off Tabitha was headed to DVD on June 21st. Now Variety has confirmed that information, and told us something new in the process! Here's a quote... (read entire news item)

3/08/2005 Bewitching June Ahead?
There's a new post from "RP" over at Harpies Bizarre that we thought you may like to read: DVD info Posted by RP on March 6, 2005, 7:51 am I received an e-mail just this morning from a connection... (read entire news item)

12/27/2004 New scuttlebutt clarifies Sony's Bewitched DVD plans
A week ago TVShowsOnDVD brought you a story filling you in on rumors for Bewitched plans on DVD. In a nutshell, the plans were said to be for separate releases of both Season 1 and Season 2 (both in... (read entire news item)

12/20/2004 Rumor says April release for 2 separate season sets!
We've known for over a year that DVDs for the original Bewitched TV series would hit the market in 2005, to tie in with the new theatrical film that will have Nicole Kidman playing "Samantha", Will Ferrell... (read entire news item)

11/05/2003 Bewitched in 2005
A source at Columbia TriStar let us in on a little secret today. The company is planning on releasing the 60s comedy in 2005 to tie in with the theatrical movie. The release date isn't known at this time,... (read entire news item)

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