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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
'Tales of the Turtles V3: The Final Chapters' DVD Announced
'Year 3' Info Found: Release Date, Pricing, Early Package Art
Cover Art for the Upcoming Gift Set Shows a Startling New Title
24: Legacy
Possible Release Date Found Up North for the Short-Lived Spinoff
Jamie Foxx Show, The
Shazam! The Warner Archive Announces 'The Complete 4th Season'
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The Complete 1st Season
News for Transformers Prime

Date Posted
News Title
6/09/2017 Shout! Factory is Setting Up the Battle Between the...'Ultimate Rivals'
6/04/2015 'Ultimate Decepticons' DVD is Coming to Stores this Fall
11/05/2013 Next February Sees a DVD of the 'Ultimate Bumblebee'!
8/30/2013 Blu-ray and DVD Packaging for 'The Complete 3rd Season: Beast Hunters'
8/28/2013 Release Date Revealed for 'The Complete 3rd Season' ***UPDATED***
7/19/2013 'Beast Hunters: Predacons Rising' Official Press Release from Shout! Factory
7/17/2013 New Details, Package Art for 'Beast Hunters: Predacons Rising' on DVD, Blu
7/16/2013 Shout! Shows the 'Predacons Rising' on DVD and Blu-ray Disc
8/23/2012 Dates, Pricing, Extras and Packaging Found in Shout!'s Season 2 Press Release
8/20/2012 'The Complete 2nd Season' is Scheduled for DVD and for Blu-ray
4/25/2012 Shout! Factory Presents a Press Release for their 'One Shall Stand' DVD
4/06/2012 New Single-DVD Release Titled 'One Shall Stand' is Scheduled **UPDATE: Box Art**
1/25/2012 Bonus Material Revealed for Shout!'s Complete 1st Season DVDs and Blu-rays
12/09/2011 'The Complete 1st Season' on 4-Disc DVD and Limited Edition Blu-ray!
10/26/2011 'Darkness Rising' DVD info Updated: Story Presentation and Extras
9/16/2011 'Darkness Rising' Package Art Arrives for Shout! Factory's DVDs
9/10/2011 'Darkness Rising', the Newest Program's Original 5-Part Mini-Series, Announced!

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