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The Complete 1st Season
News for Teen Titans

Date Posted
News Title
12/21/2017 Warner Archive Sent Over Their Official Press Release for 'The Complete 1st Season' Blu-ray
12/19/2017 Calling All Titans!: Blu-ray Date, Price for 'The Complete 1st Season'
12/13/2017 The Warner Archive Reveals Plans for 'The Complete 1st Season' Blu-ray
5/11/2008 Official Press Release for the 5th & Final Season DVD Set
4/22/2008 Rear Cover Art for the 5th and Final Season
3/26/2008 5th & Final Season on DVD: Release Date, Package, Cost & More!
11/17/2007 Warner Sent Us A Preview Clip From The Season 4 DVDs, Coming Tuesday
8/27/2007 Penultimate DVD Rear Cover For The Teen Titans
8/02/2007 Package Art from the Titan-ic 4th Season DVDs
8/01/2007 The Next-to-Last Season of the Titans Is Coming To DVD
12/13/2006 The Titans battle Blood Brother - Season 3 info
10/18/2006 Tokyo Press Release
10/11/2006 We have... a new date for Tokyo!
9/18/2006 There really is Trouble in Tokyo
8/18/2006 Season 2 moved again
7/17/2006 Back Of The Box Displays Disappointing Extras For Season 2
6/28/2006 'Trouble in Tokyo' includes 'The Lost Episode'
5/25/2006 Cyborg Stands Tall On The Cover Art for Season 2
5/24/2006 The Earth Will Move As Terra Joins The Teen Titans on DVD in Season 2!
2/07/2006 'Finest' Info Says To Expect A 2nd Season Set In September!
12/03/2005 Back of Box Shows Titan-ic Extras For Season Set!
11/17/2005 Large art for season 1 set
11/16/2005 Warner Switches To Season Sets!
6/23/2005 Large art for Season 2, Vol 1
6/16/2005 3rd Titans DVD, GO! Date, Box Art, Price, Extras!
2/02/2005 The rest of the first season hits DVD this April
1/23/2005 More of the Titans are coming soon!
6/30/2004 You cannot escape the team! Teen Titans DVD this Sept.!
6/17/2004 Updated info for Teen Titans DVD (and Static Shock, too!)
3/09/2004 DVDs are on the schedule, WB says

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