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12/26/2017 New Releases At The End Of Last Week for 'Caramoan' and 'Cagayan'
11/13/2017 DVD Version Now Available for 'Season 27: Blood vs Water'
11/03/2017 'KaƓh Rong'! 'Millennials vs. Gen X'! 'Game Changers - Mamanuca Islands'!
11/01/2017 Now Out: Blu-rays For 'Season 27: Blood vs Water' and 'Season 28: Cagayan'
10/27/2017 After 18 Months, 'Season 26: Caramoan - Fans vs. Favorites' is Available!
7/07/2017 Blu-rays for 'Season 24: One World' and 'Season 25: Philippines'
12/12/2016 Blu-rays, DVDs for 'Season 30: Worlds Apart' and 'Season 31: Cambodia - Second Chance'
10/12/2016 Blu-ray Releases Planned for the 26th, 27th, 28th, and 29th Seasons
10/10/2016 DVD Plans, Package Art for 'Season 29: San Juan del Sur - Blood vs Water'
9/21/2016 A New DVD Date Now for 'One World ' and 'Philippines'
5/20/2016 DVD Release Date for One World and Philippines
4/12/2016 DVD Plans for 'Caramoan - Fans vs. Favorites,' 'Blood vs Water' and 'Cagayan'
3/11/2016 Possible Ship Date for 'One World' and for 'Philippines'? ***UPDATED*** ****FURTHER UPDATED****
12/01/2015 Blu-ray Releases for 'Redemption Island,' 'South Pacific,' 'One World,' and 'Philippines'
11/30/2015 DVD Releases Planned for 'One World' and for 'Philippines'
10/07/2015 'Season 22: Redemption Island' and 'Season 23: South Pacific' are Now Available!
4/29/2015 DVD Plans for 'Season 22: Redemption Island' and 'Season 23: South Pacific'
11/17/2014 Ship Date Shown for 'Season 19: Samoa' and 'Season 21: Nicaragua'
10/13/2014 'Season 19: Samoa' Cover Art; 'Season 21: Nicaragua' In-the-Works
10/08/2014 'Season 19: Samoa' DVD Set is In-the-Works!
9/11/2014 'Season 17: Gabon - Earth's Last Eden' is Now Available on DVD
8/06/2014 'Season 18: Tocantins - The Brazilian Highlands' is Now Out on DVD!
5/22/2014 'Season 17: Gabon' and 'Season 18: Tocantins' are Coming to MOD!
1/24/2014 Ship Dates for 'Season 15: China' and 'Season 16: Micronesia - Fans vs. Favorites'
11/07/2013 'China' and 'Micronesia - Fans vs. Favorites' MODs are Coming!
11/20/2012 Release Date for 'Season 13: Cook Islands' and 'Season 14: Fiji'
10/25/2012 Finalized Box Cover Art for 'Season 13: Cook Islands' and 'Season 14: Fiji'
9/26/2012 MOD Releases Available to Pre-Order for 'Season 13: Cook Islands,' 'Season 14: Fiji'
5/14/2012 Release Date Now for 'Season 12: Panama, Exile Island' DVDs
5/11/2012 'Season 11: Guatemala, The Maya Empire' Release Date is Revealed
3/29/2012 'Guatemala, The Maya Empire' is Coming, Along with 'Panama, Exile Island'
11/08/2011 'Season 6: The Amazon' DVDs Get a Release Date...2 Weeks Away!
10/17/2011 'Season 5: Thailand' DVDs Now Set to Ship Next Week, Amazon Says
8/08/2011 CBS Press Release Announces On-Demand Pre-Order for the 6th Season
8/08/2011 The Reality Show's 5th Season is Available to Pre-Order from CreateSpace On-Demand
8/03/2011 DVD Plans Revealed for 'Survivor: Thailand' and 'Survivor: The Amazon'
1/28/2011 CBS and Amazon/CreateSpace Announce a Release Date for the 20th Season Set
12/14/2010 Not Taking Orders Yet, But Amazon Shows Extras, Art for an Upcoming MOD Set **UPDATE: Amazon Now Taking Orders**
9/24/2010 Can You Survive Another Week? DVD Date Pushed Back Just a Bit!
9/24/2010 A Very Short Delay for Amazon's Exclusive MOD Release on DVD
9/03/2010 Ship Date Revealed for the Show's 4th Season on DVD
8/30/2010 Ship Date Revealed for the Show's 3rd Season on DVD
8/11/2010 We Also Have Disc-by-Disc Contents and Extras for the 4th Contest on DVD!
8/10/2010 Disc-by-Disc Contents and Extras for the Forthcoming CreateSpace Release
7/28/2010 Amazon-Exclusive 'MOD' Release of the 4th Contest is ALSO On the Way!
7/28/2010 Amazon to Release Africa as MOD Title
11/07/2006 Vanuatu Extras Uncovered
8/28/2006 Cover art for Vanuatu
8/18/2006 Head to Vanuatu in December
5/18/2006 List of featurettes for Palau
5/13/2006 Palau in August
5/08/2006 Commentary Participants Revealed
2/07/2006 Confirmed: We're Going to Palau for the Next Survivor DVD Set!
1/13/2006 1-8-2-7. 10? Paramount May Break The Pattern: Extras Recording For Palau
12/04/2005 Full List of Extras Announced!
10/18/2005 Rupert takes center-stage on Season 7 artwork
8/16/2005 A trip to the Isthmus for Christmas? THR sez 'Nah; Q1 '06'
7/21/2005 Commentary recording = release? (part 2)
12/20/2004 Paramount reveals complete list of extras, acknowledges delay
11/14/2004 Cover art for Australian Outback Season Set
11/12/2004 Outwit, Outplay, and Outlast in the Outback this Spring
10/18/2004 Commentary info
8/24/2004 DVDs in '05?
7/21/2004 Slight Delay
6/19/2004 Full details on Extras
6/13/2004 Cover art for the All-Stars
6/05/2004 Some info on Extras leaks out thanks to Pre-Order listing
5/18/2004 From Paramount: Survivor All-Stars
4/02/2004 E-Tailers listing season 1 set
3/23/2004 1st Season Set: Cover and Disc Art
3/12/2004 Official Release Info for Season 1
2/17/2004 Season set announced

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