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News for Prison Break

Date Posted
News Title
6/12/2017 Package Art Breaks Out for the Blu-ray Disc 'Collector's Set'
5/24/2017 Fox Official Press Release: 'The Event Series' and Blu 'Collector's Set'
5/16/2017 Release Date Listed for 'The Event Series'/'Season 5'
3/21/2017 Blu-rays, DVDs for 'The Event Series' ('Season 5') are In-the-Works
10/21/2016 Blu-ray Releases at Last for 'Season 2' and 'Season 4'
5/18/2009 Fox's Official Press Release for The Final Break on DVD & Blu-ray Disc
5/12/2009 Scoop: The Final Break Direct-to-Video Box Art for DVD and Blu-ray
4/15/2009 Official Studio Press Release Breaks Out for Season 4: The Final Season
4/09/2009 Show's Over in Mid-May? NO! A Direct-to-DVD/Blu-ray 'Final Break' is On the Way!
4/01/2009 We Break Out with 4th Season DVD Info: Date, Cost, Specs, Extras & Box Art
6/27/2008 Complete Press Release for Prison Break - Season 3 on DVD and Blu-ray
6/20/2008 3rd Season DVDs & Blu-ray Discs Break Out 2 Weeks Earlier Than Expected!
5/29/2008 Blu-ray Disc Box Art is Here for Prison Break - Season 3
5/07/2008 Season 3 DVDs & Blu-rays Announced: Studio Provides Date, Cost, Extras & DVD Box Art **Pre-Order Available**
5/05/2008 Word Leaks Out on When to Expect Prison Break - Season 3
1/28/2008 Amazon's Gold Box Deal Today Is Prison Break - Season 2!
10/29/2007 Official Press Release for Prison Break - Season 1 on Blu-ray Disc
9/18/2007 Box Art for High-Definition Release of Prison Break - Season 1
9/05/2007 Exclusive Info for Season Sets on Blu-ray: Date, Cost, Contents, Specs
8/20/2007 Fox & MGM Re-Affirm Blu-ray Disc Support; Announce Prison Break as 1st TV-on-BD Release
5/18/2007 Another delay for Season 2 - Artwork Added!
5/12/2007 Fox Says DVD Date For 2nd Break-Out Was Off By A Week
5/10/2007 Season 2 breaks out in August
8/09/2006 Bail Out! Fox Fixes Fabulous Foul-Up With Prison Break Bonus
8/09/2006 Fox to fix Bonus Disc Error
8/08/2006 Should Target be sent to jail?
8/06/2006 Target Bonus DVD Gets You An Extra Behind-The Scenes Featurette, While Best Buy's Gives You The Mobile Phone Episodes!
6/06/2006 Season 1 Press Release
5/11/2006 Large Art for Season 1
5/03/2006 Sound the alarm! Season 1 breaks out this August!
1/04/2006 FYE & Associated Stores Have Bonus Disc With Prison Break Pilot, 24 Trailer & More!

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