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'The Complete Series'...On DVD For The First Time Ever!
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Swimming Back to DVD: 'The Complete Series' from Mill Creek
'The Complete Series' is Galloping Back to DVD in 2018
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Blu-ray Version of 'The Complete 1st Season'...Now Available!
Official RLJ/Acorn Press Release for '2.0: Uncut UK Edition'
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The Complete 1st Season
News for Married... with Children

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News Title
4/29/2015 Bundy... OUT! 'Season 11' Scheduled, Along with 'The Complete Series'
3/24/2015 Gotta Wait for 'Seasons 9 and 10'? NO MA'AM! They're Scheduled for May
10/24/2014 Mill Creek Schedules Re-Releases for the 7th and 8th Seasons
9/09/2014 Individual Packaging Pictures Now for 'Season 5' and 'Season 6'
8/27/2014 Box Artwork Now Available from Mill Creek for 'Seasons 5 & 6'
8/14/2014 'Seasons 5 and 6' to Get DVD Re-Releases from Mill Creek
3/06/2014 Short Delay plus Box Art for Mill Creek's 'Seasons 3 & 4' DVDs
2/25/2014 Are Mill Creeks Upcoming DVDs Going to Be as 'Bundyful' as Fans Hope?
2/24/2014 Will MCE's 'Seasons 3 & 4' Have Unedited Episodes? Studio Says...
2/21/2014 'Seasons 3 and 4' from Mill Creek are Scheduled for Release
11/15/2013 Mill Creek Provides Bundy Box Art for Their 'Seasons 1 & 2' Set
11/08/2013 Of Captions and Theme Songs: an IMPORTANT UPDATE to Today's Earlier News!
11/08/2013 Mill Creek Returns Seasons 1 and 2 to DVD...Wooooo BUNDY!
11/05/2010 Short Delay Shown for 'The Complete Series' 11-Season Set
10/13/2010 Can I Get a Whoa Bundy? 'The Complete Series' Seems Headed to DVD!
9/17/2009 Official Press Release for the 11th (and Final) Season on DVD
8/31/2009 Front/Rear Box Art, Episode List for Sony's 'MwC: Fan Favorites' DVD
8/03/2009 Sony Officially Announces Season 11: Finalized Date, Package Art, More!
7/09/2009 Previous Date for the Final (11th) Season Not So Final: Now 3 Weeks Later!
7/03/2009 Season 11's Finalized Date Now 2 Weeks Earlier
5/11/2009 Possible Release Date and Pricing Appearing for the 11th and Last Season
1/16/2009 Back of the Box for Married...'s 10th Season Set!
1/08/2009 Formal Press Release for The Complete 10th Season
12/25/2008 Almost Done! Season 10 News
7/22/2008 Season 9 Press Release
7/06/2008 Back of The Bundys' Box for the 9th Season Set!
6/09/2008 Formal 9th Season Announcement Confirms 'Clip Show' Inclusion, Provides Better Box Art
6/05/2008 The Cat's Out of the Bag: 9th Season Married DVDs Scheduled for August
2/03/2008 Final Package Art, Front & Rear, For M...wC's 8th Season DVDs
1/04/2008 Kelly Who? BUNDY! 8th Season DVDs Are Comin' Down The Tracks
9/05/2007 Get Married... Online, Cheap!
7/13/2007 Large Front & Rear Box Art for The Complete 7th Season
6/25/2007 The Bundy's Are Back: 7th Season Set in September!
10/15/2006 Revised art for season 6 (and back art too)
10/09/2006 Season 6 hits before Christmas
4/14/2006 Press release for Season 5
4/13/2006 Final Season 5 Cover Art Shows Al Flexing His Muscles!
4/10/2006 The Bundy's Are Back! 5th Season DVDs Announced
3/09/2006 Giving up hope on Marriage? Renew your vows this summer
8/26/2005 Syndicated Episodes Explained - Studio Response
6/21/2005 Al's in the doghouse with 4th Season box art
6/20/2005 Season 4 Announced
6/06/2005 Season 4 Date
1/11/2005 Want to hear the alternate theme song for Season 3 DVDs?
11/25/2004 Back-of-Box shot from S3 shows how Theme Music change is clearly marked
11/15/2004 3rd Season Announced! Date, Pricing, Cover, 'Lost Episode', & More!
11/05/2004 What's going on with season 3?
1/05/2004 Season 2: Art, Specs, and EXTRAS!
8/29/2003 Final Cover Art
8/23/2003 We know what the bonus material is!
8/20/2003 Official Announcement confirms specs, adds extras
7/30/2003 Correct date (and cover art) for Married... Season 1
6/20/2003 Season sets being worked on
2/28/2003 MWC on
11/26/2002 Married... with Children menu shot
11/11/2002 A Taste of the Bundy's
10/20/2002 MWC Coming!!

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