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A List of Bonus Features for Shout!'s 'Complete Series' DVDs
Peanuts by Schulz
New DVD Volume, 'School Days,' Announced via Press Release
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'The 3rd Season' on DVD: Street Date, Cost, Extras, Early Box Art
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News Title
3/25/2015 Official Fox Press Release with Finalized Extras for 'The Final Season, The Complete Series'
3/23/2015 Finalized Date, Packaging, Details for 'The Final Season' and 'The Complete Series'
2/05/2015 'The Final Season,' 'The Complete Series': Release Date, Cost, Early Box Art
11/25/2014 'The Complete 5th Season': Date, Cost, Extras, Packaging
10/01/2013 The 4th Season's Out Today; Now 'The Complete 5th Season' is Being Planned!
9/12/2013 Fox Home Entertainment's Official 'Complete 4th Season' Press Release
8/20/2013 Finalized High-Res 3D Package Art for 'The Complete 4th Season' on DVD, Blu
8/16/2013 A New Date for 'The Complete 4th Season' ***UPDATED***
7/12/2013 A Small Look at Revised Box Art for 'The Complete 4th Season'
7/08/2013 Possible Release Date, Extras, Cost and Packaging for 'The Complete 4th Season'
1/08/2013 Plans for BDs, DVDs of 'The Complete 4th Season' are Being Rehearsed
6/08/2012 Graduation Day for 'The Complete 3rd Season': DVD and Blu-ray Box Art
6/07/2012 Fox Schedules 'The Complete 3rd Season' on DVD, Blu; Reveals Extras
1/26/2012 We Sing an Early DVD and Blu-ray Song about 'The Complete 3rd Season' Sets!
9/13/2011 Official Fox Press Release for Today's DVDs, BDs of 'The Complete 2nd Season'
6/29/2011 'Season 2, Volume 2' DVD, and 'Complete 2nd Season' DVD and Blu-ray
2/25/2011 Important Update: Correction to the Date for 'Glee - Encore' on DVD and Blu-ray
2/23/2011 'Encore'! Fox Prepares a Blu-ray Disc with 30+ Hit Music Numbers from Season 1 Episodes **UPDATE: For DVD, Too!**
12/30/2010 'Season 2, Volume 1' DVD Press Release Arrives from Fox Home Entertainment
12/16/2010 'Season 2, Volume 1' DVD Set Announced: Date, Cost, Extras, Packaging
9/24/2010 Season 2, Though Just Debuted, is Already Targeted for DVD and Blu!
8/18/2010 'Gleek Gift Set' Available in November for The Complete 1st Season on DVD
6/25/2010 Fox Update: Full Extras WILL Be Included with 'Season 1, Volume 2: Road to Regionals'
6/23/2010 One (Minor) Extra Will Be Included on the 'Season 1, Volume 2: Road to Regionals' DVD
6/16/2010 'Season 1, Volume 2: Road to Regionals': Package Art, Release Date and Other Exclusive Details
6/09/2010 Fox Provides Retailers with Complete Extras List for The Complete 1st Season on DVD and Blu
5/20/2010 Full Fox Press Release, Plus DVD and Blu-ray Package Art, for 'The Complete 1st Season'
12/28/2009 'Road to the Sectionals' Online DVD Trailer from Fox (Also: No Sign of 'Vouchers') ***UPDATE: Information from Fox***
11/18/2009 Possible Release Timeframe for DVDs of Season 1, Volume 2 **UPDATED**
10/22/2009 Fox's Official 'Season 1, Volume 1: Road to the Sectionals' Press Release
10/07/2009 SCOOP! Street Date, Right Pricing, Specs, Contents and Tweaked Title for 'Road to the Sectionals'
9/14/2009 Amazon Now Taking Pre-orders for 'Volume 1: Road to the Sectionals' DVD Set
9/04/2009 Exclusively at Walmart, Fox Announces a Pilot Episode: Director's Cut DVD

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