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10/13/2017 Time Life's Press Release Announces 'Carol's Lost Christmas'
9/25/2017 A 6-DVD Retail Release of 'The Best Of: 50th Anniversary Edition'
8/10/2017 Time Life Announces Another DVD Single: 'The Final Show'
7/26/2017 Official Time Life Press Release for 'The Best of Harvey Korman'
7/06/2017 'The Best of Harvey Korman': 3 New-to-Retail-DVD Episodes! ***UPDATE/CORRECTION***
5/08/2017 'The Best Of: 50th Anniversary Edition' DVD Sets Available **UPDATED**
2/15/2017 'The Best of Tim Conway' DVDs...Including Unreleased Episodes!
9/14/2016 1-DVD, 3-DVD, and 6-DVD Collector's Edition for 'The Lost Episodes: Classic Carol'
8/03/2016 Retail Release for the 22-DVD 'Lost Episodes Ultimate Collection'
3/28/2016 Sometimes Considered the 'Show's' Pilot, 'Carol +2' is Announced for DVD!
1/07/2016 Press Release for 'The Lost Episodes: Treasures From the Vault'
12/16/2015 'The Lost Episodes: Treasures From the Vault' DVDs
8/17/2015 Press Release: 'Wide' Retail Versions of 'The Lost Episodes'
7/15/2015 'The Lost Episodes: Ultimate Collection' is Coming Next Month!
5/12/2015 The Best of the First 5 Seasons Come to DVD with 'The Lost Episodes'
4/17/2015 An Update From Carol on When We'll See DVDs for the First 5 Seasons
2/05/2015 'Together Again' DVD Release is Slightly Delayed
1/09/2015 StarVista/Time-Life Press Release Announces 'Together Again' DVD
11/12/2014 The First 5 Seasons of the Show are Planned for DVD in 2015
7/03/2014 'The Ultimate Collection' 22-DVD Set to Get a 'Wide' Retail Release!
3/25/2014 COMPLETE Contents Of the New 6-DVD Carol's Crack-Ups (and Other Sets!)
3/18/2014 More Variations of 'Carol's Crack-Ups' are Available
3/14/2014 Full Details on 'Carol's Crack-Ups' Revealed in Press Release
3/13/2014 Box Cover Art for 'Carol's Crack-Ups' on DVD
2/14/2014 'Carol's Crack-Ups: Collector's Box Set' on DVD: Price and Date
9/19/2013 Official StarVista/Time-Life Press Release for 'Christmas With Carol'
9/16/2013 We've Got a Brief Update for You About 'Christmas With Carol'
5/31/2013 'Christmas With Carol' DVD to Include Bonus Content from 1967-68!
5/30/2013 An Amazon Listings Shows that We Can Expect to Have 'Christmas With Carol'
1/08/2013 TL's Official Press Release for 'This Time Together: Collector's Edition'
12/06/2012 TL is Breaking Out 'This Time Together' at Retail in 1-DVD and 6-DVD Versions
11/14/2012 Clearing Up Confusion About the Recent 'Carol Burnett Christmas' DVD
10/22/2012 Update About DVD of 'A Carol Burnett Christmas: Special Collectors Edition'
10/12/2012 Time Life Now Offering a 'Limited-Edition Signature Collection' Version of the 22-DVD Set!
8/21/2012 Time Life is Resolving a Disc Replication Issue with 'The Ultimate Collection'
8/02/2012 Update About 'Prime Time Specials'; New Package Pics for 'The Ultimate Collection'
7/30/2012 The Carol Burnett Show - Disc-by-Disc Contents for 'The Ultimate Collection' from Time Life
7/16/2012 Spectacular New Extras Added to Time-Lifes's 22-DVD 'Ultimate Collection'
6/21/2012 eOne's 'Christmas: Special Collectors Edition' DVD, New Time Life 'The Family' Preview
6/18/2012 Final Content, Extras, Early Box for 'The Prime Time Specials Collection'
6/12/2012 'Prime Time Specials Collection' puts 4 Early Productions on DVD
6/04/2012 Press Release for 'The Ultimate Collection' 22-DVD Set: Details, Packaging!
5/28/2012 Some Pricing Information Found for 3 of the 4 Upcoming Time Life DVD Titles! **UPDATED**
4/20/2012 Fans Ask Questions About Time Life's DVDs; We've Gotten Some Answers!
4/19/2012 Time Life's Complete Press Release Announcing 4 DVD Releases
4/18/2012 Official In-Store Sets this Fall with 1-DVD, 2-DVD, 6-DVD and Ultimate 20-DVD Titles! ***UPDATE: EARLY INFO ABOUT CONTENT***
2/10/2005 DVD release for Let's Bump Up The Lights!
12/12/2003 Subscription Releases...

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