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High-Resolution 3D Package Art, and (Low!) Pricing, for 'The Complete Series'
Red Skelton Show, The
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Manhunt: Unabomber (mini-series)
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'The Complete Series'...On DVD For The First Time Ever!
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Swimming Back to DVD: 'The Complete Series' from Mill Creek
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Date Posted
News Title
8/21/2015 Box Art and New Details for 'The Complete Series' DVD Re-Release
7/22/2015 Fall Re-Release from Mill Creek of 'The Complete Series' DVDs
1/20/2015 Both Sargent and York in Mill Creek's 'Seasons 5 and 6' DVDs
4/18/2014 With a Nose Twitch, Mill Creek Conjures Up Both Seasons 3 and 4
11/13/2013 Mill Creek's Box Art for 'Seasons 1 & 2' and 'Season 2' DVDs
11/07/2013 Sam and 'Derwood' in the ORIGINAL Black-and-White Seasons 1 and 2!
8/12/2013 Packaging Pictures Have Now Appeared for 'The Complete Series'!
7/15/2013 At Long Last, Sony is Magicking Up a 'Complete Series' DVD Set!
8/31/2009 Front/Rear Box Art, Episode List for Sony's 'Bewitched: Fan Favorites' DVD
6/02/2009 Back of the Box for Bewitched - The Complete 8th & Final Season DVDs
5/11/2009 Sony Twitches Up a Press Release, Final Box Art for the 8th Season Set on DVD
5/04/2009 Sony Officially Announces Season 8: DVD Specs, Price & Early Box Art
3/16/2009 Fan Site Twitches Up a Street Date for the 8th (and Final) Season on DVD!
12/16/2008 Final Front & Rear Box Art for Bewitched - The 7th Season
11/28/2008 7th Season Cover Art Appears to Retailers, And We've Got a Look at it for YOU!
11/24/2008 Sony Formally Announces the 7th Season Set; Issues Press Release
11/14/2008 Someone's Let the (Black?) Cat Out of the Bag: Complete 7th Season Release Date, Price!
10/02/2008 What's the Word on the 7th Season Set? We Asked About It!
3/16/2008 We Twitched Our Noses, And 6th Season Rear Package Art Appeared!
2/25/2008 Final Package Art, Correct Date for The Complete 6th Season DVDs
2/25/2008 Dick Sargent Arrives, Along With Baby Adam, on the 6th DVD Sets this May! **CORRECTED & UPDATED**
9/09/2007 Bewitched at 59% off - Today Only!
5/01/2007 Season 5 Press Release & New Artwork
4/23/2007 Return to Morning Glory Circle With The 5th Season of Bewitched!
8/18/2006 Season 4 Press Release & New Art
8/14/2006 Package Art & More Details For The 4th Season Of Bewitched
8/11/2006 Retailer Lets The Cat Out Of The Bag For 4th Season Info!
2/10/2006 Rear Cover Art & Sharper-Looking Front Cover Art For Complete 3rd Season
1/09/2006 No choice this time: Season 3 is in Color ***Updated***
9/15/2005 Larger Box Art - Front and Back
9/03/2005 More Info About 'TV Sampler' Bundled with 2005 Film
8/19/2005 Cover Art for both 2nd Season releases, plus more info
8/15/2005 Official Sony Announcement for 2nd Season, plus there's a 'TV Sampler' with some copies of the 2005 Film's DVD
8/04/2005 2nd Season Info Leaked All Over the 'Net...
4/13/2005 Extras Unveiled, Plus Full-Size Box Art!
4/11/2005 Sony twitches their noses and creates Bewitched Season Sets! We Have The First Official Details.
3/29/2005 Original Black & White DVDs? Or Colorized DVDs? YOUR CHOICE!
3/08/2005 Bewitching June Ahead?
12/27/2004 New scuttlebutt clarifies Sony's Bewitched DVD plans
12/20/2004 Rumor says April release for 2 separate season sets!
11/05/2003 Bewitched in 2005

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