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The 'Season 4' DVD's Press Release Arrives from RLJ/Acorn
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News for Beavis and Butt-head

Date Posted
News Title
1/09/2017 Press Release with Finalized Details of 'The Complete Collection'
11/28/2016 'The Complete Collection' is a Sweetheart DVD for 2017
1/06/2012 Slightly Revised DVD and Blu-ray Box Art for 'Volume 4'
12/06/2011 Finalized 3D Packaging Pictures for 'Volume 4' on DVD and Blu-ray
11/21/2011 Huh-Huh-Huh-Huh...He Said 'Blu-ray': Volume 4 on DVD and BD
7/29/2011 Bigger, Better Box Art for 'Mike Judge's Most Wanted' DVDs
7/18/2011 DVDs for 'Mike Judge's Most Wanted' are On the Way **UPDATE: Box Art**
8/20/2006 Missing The Target Bonus DVD? I Got Mine; Here's How! Also: Is This Our Last 'Bonus DVD' News?
8/03/2006 Best Buy Beavis and Butt-Head Bonus Disc
8/01/2006 Target Exclusive Bonus DVD On Mike Judge Collection Vol. 3 Gives 2 Extra Cartoons!
7/28/2006 Get the whole butt-load in one shot
7/18/2006 Episode list for Volume 3!
5/25/2006 Full details on Volume 2 contents
5/23/2006 Best Buy Bonus Disc for Volume 2
5/12/2006 Info for Volume 3
4/30/2006 Amazon Lists a Release Date For The Mike Judge Collection Vol. 3
4/12/2006 Date For Mike Judge Collection Vol. 2 Pushed Back A Week
3/21/2006 More details & Art for Volume 2
3/09/2006 New-To-DVD Episodes, Extras, More Music Videos For Mike Judge Collection Vol. 2
3/03/2006 Mike judges 3 more DVDs worth of his favorite B&B-h episodes
11/08/2005 TWEC-Owned Retailers (FYE, Coconuts, etc.) Have a Free Holiday Bonus Disc with Today's DVD Release
10/20/2005 List of Music Videos, Plus a Message From Mike Judge
10/19/2005 Official list of 40 shorts!
9/27/2005 More Info - Including New Extras - For The Mike Judge Collection Vol. 1
8/31/2005 Double-Sided Box? New Studio Art Shows You Can Choose Either Beavis OR Butthead!
8/25/2005 Heh heh, Beavis, you counted wrong (episode and extra info)
7/22/2005 Heh heh heh...he said 'Dorks'! Comic Con banner lets cat out of bag on B&B DVDs in November!
10/23/2002 "History" DVD news...
9/16/2002 History of B&B cancelled
9/12/2002 Time Life releases

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