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News Title
11/08/2012 'Blood & Chrome: The Unrated Edition' Coming on DVD and Blu-ray/DVD Combo **UPDATE: Extras**
9/28/2010 Blu-ray Releases Announced for 'Razor' and for 'Season 4' **UPDATE: Early Razor Blu-ray Art**
5/11/2010 Season 3 Blu-ray Disc Officially Announced: Date, Cost, Extras, Package
4/26/2010 Season 3 Makes the Jump to High-Def Blu-ray Disc this Summer
3/19/2010 Pre-Announcement Package Art Picture for Season 3 on Blu-ray Disc
2/11/2010 JUST IN: Box Art for Repackaged 'Complete Series' DVD and Blu-ray Sets
2/10/2010 Update About the Package Exchange Program for the Revised 'Complete Series'
2/04/2010 Studio Tells Registered Complete Series Owners About a Package Trade-In Program **UPDATE: 'Face of the Enemy' Webisodes Answer**
1/29/2010 New Complete Series DVD and Blu Sets Include The Plan, Changes Boxes, Lowers Cost *UPDATE: Pre-Order Links*
1/12/2010 Spin Up Your Blu-ray Drives: Season 2 Jumps to High-Def! ***UPDATE: Package Art***
10/07/2009 Blu-ray Disc Box Art for 'Battlestar Galactica - Season 1'
10/06/2009 Separate Blu-ray Disc Release for Season 1 Announced by Universal
9/10/2009 Out-of-this-World Menu Screens for The Plan
8/20/2009 The Correct Time For 'The Plan'
8/17/2009 Universal Studios Clears Up a Release Date Mystery for The Plan
8/10/2009 Studio Provides DVD Package Art for 'The Plan'
8/07/2009 Blu-ray Disc Package Art for The Plan
7/17/2009 Press Release and Amazon Pre-Orders for The Plan on DVD and Blu-ray Disc
6/12/2009 Universal Shows the First Blu-Specific Package Pic of The Complete Series
5/18/2009 Awesome New Images of Packaging for Season 4.5 Blu & Contents of Complete Series
5/15/2009 Disc-by-Disc Bonus Material Listings, Specs for Blu-ray & DVD Complete Series
5/07/2009 Universal Releases the BSG - Season 4.5 DVD Package Art
4/21/2009 Universal's Complete Press Release for Season 4.5 and The Complete Series ***UPDATE: New Complete Series Package Shots***
4/21/2009 Hollywood Reporter Reveals Details of 'Complete' Battlestar Bonus Material
4/18/2009 Complete Series AND Season 4.5, in DVD or Blu-ray: Now Up for Pre-order!
4/15/2009 Trailers Promote The Complete Series on DVD & Blu-ray: Packaging, Cylon Figure, Street Date
3/23/2009 Digital Bits Updates Readers about Possible Battlestar 4.5 DVD Plans
2/20/2009 Blu-ray Disc Release Date for The Complete Series
11/09/2008 Who Wants to See a Sample Menu Screen from Battlestar Galactica - Season 4.0?
10/15/2008 Trade Ad Brings Box Art for Battlestar Galactica - Season 4.0 DVDs
10/08/2008 Digital Bits Spills Beans About Possible Blu-ray Battlestar Plans
10/07/2008 Official Announcement for Season 4.0: Correct Release Date, Contents (Includes Minisodes, Razor, Extras)
7/11/2008 SCOOP! We've Got the Probable Release Date for Battlestar Galactica - Season 4.0!
2/13/2008 The Strike Ends, but the TV-DVD Impact Begins with a Battlestar
1/26/2008 3rd Season Release Date MOVES! Plus a TON Of Menu Screen Previews, Too
1/04/2008 New Details On 3rd Season DVDs Reveal Whether 'Resistance' Webisodes Are Included
12/31/2007 3RD SEASON DVDs: Date, Cost, Extras, Package Art!!!
11/09/2007 Amazon's Deal of the Day: Season 1 DVDs for the Modern Galactica
11/02/2007 Razor Extras Revealed; Includes Minisodes & More!
10/26/2007 Reasons Revealed For 3rd Season DVD Delay
10/17/2007 Someone's Got The Low-Down on the Season 3 Timeframe...
9/19/2007 Final Razor Box Art in Hi-Res Shot; Fan-Requested Correction Made
9/14/2007 And The Winning Razor Cover Art Is...
9/12/2007 Amazon Fixes Price On Pre-Order Listing For Razor
8/30/2007 Package Art Revealed For HD DVD Release of 1st Season
8/28/2007 Don't Forget To Vote: Here's A Look At Your Razor Box Art Choices
8/27/2007 Razor Press Release Announces Contest For Fans To Choose Cover Art!
8/14/2007 Universal Announces Release Date for Razor on DVD, and also Hi-Def Season 1 on HD DVD
8/04/2007 By Your Command! Original '70s Cylons In New Show's Pegasus Telefilm!
5/27/2007 Retailers Give Gossip About Hi-Def Galactica
3/27/2007 Composer says 'Season 3 in August'
3/06/2007 Season 2, and 2.5, packaged together
8/02/2006 Season 2.5 menus reveal extras
7/05/2006 Larger, clear art for 2.5
6/21/2006 Extras & Sharper Artwork For Season 2.5 DVDs
6/20/2006 Universal Officially Announces Battlestar Galactica - Season 2.5
6/07/2006 Early look at the 2.5 artwork
6/06/2006 Season 2.5 flies onto store shelves this September
3/20/2006 TV Guide Rumors Timeframe For Galactica 2.5 DVDs
1/01/2006 Season 2.0 in Canada
12/16/2005 Info about the extended 'Pegasus' episode
11/29/2005 Ouch! Season 2.0 Delayed in Canada
11/26/2005 Have You Seen The Season 2.0 Menu Shots?
11/05/2005 A Peak at Season 2.0's Disc Case Art, Plus Which Extras Are Where
10/05/2005 Extras and Box Art for Season 2.0
9/29/2005 Have the Cylons over for Christmas (Season 2.0 news)
7/21/2005 Full-Sized Art
7/20/2005 General Release for Season 1 Announced: Has 1 More DVD than Best Buy's Version (menus added!)
7/06/2005 Best Buy Updates Listing
7/03/2005 First look at R1 artwork!
6/30/2005 Best Buy Set Drops in Price
6/25/2005 Best Buy Exclusive - Date Within - **Updated**

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