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Game of Thrones
'The Complete 7th Season' Already Planned for DVD and Blu-ray Disc
House of Cards
Date and Pricing for 'The Complete 5th Season'
Package Art, Extras, USA Date and Pricing for 'Season 1' DVDs
'Season 1' Returns to DVD this Fall, Starring Kevin Sorbo
Everybody Hates Chris
All Four Seasons Finally Come Together for 'The Complete Series'
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Pretty Little Liars
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The Complete 1st Season
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News Title
7/13/2017 Guess What? Norman and Norma Are On the SAME 'Complete Series' Box!
7/10/2017 Both Norman and Norma Package Art Versions for 'The Complete Series'
6/29/2017 Update About 'Season 5' and 'The Complete Series' on DVD, Blu
5/15/2017 Blu-rays and DVDs are Planned for 'Season 5,' the Final Season
7/29/2016 Blu-ray, DVD Package Art is Finalized for 'Season 4'
7/26/2016 Street Date, Pricing, Extras for 'Season 4' on DVD, Blu-ray Disc
7/21/2015 Universal Checks in With 'Season 3' Announcements on DVD, Blu-ray
4/21/2015 DVD Release for 'Season 3' is In-the-Works from Universal
7/15/2014 Blu-rays, DVD for Season 2: Street Date, Pricing, Bonus Material
2/21/2014 'Season 2' Hasn't Debuted On-Air, But DVDs, Blu-rays are Being Planned
8/27/2013 Formal Press Release for 'Season 1' DVDs, Blu-rays from Universal
7/25/2013 Blu-ray and DVD Package Art for Universal's 'Season 1' Sets
6/27/2013 'Season 1' of the Modern 'Psycho' Re-Imagining on DVD and Blu-ray

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