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Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency
Season 2

The Complete 1st Season
65 Releases in July, 2002

July 2
Frontier House (mini-series)   Frontier House   buy
I Love Lucy   Season 1 #1   buy
    Season 1 #2   buy
Kidsongs   A Day With The Animals   buy
    I Can Dance!   buy
    I Can Do It!   buy
    Play Along Songs   buy
Multiple Shows   Nickelodeon DVD Sampler   info
Power Stone   Vol 6: The Last Battlefield   buy
Smallville   Pilot Movie   info
Star Blazers   Volume 11: The Comet Empire - Series II/Part V   buy
Star Trek: The Next Generation   Season 3   buy

July 9
Cardcaptor Sakura   Vol 10: School Daze   buy
Cardcaptors   Vol. 9: Star Power   buy
Fancy Lala   Vol 1: A Star Is Born!   buy
Farscape   Best of Season One   buy
Gatekeepers   Vol 6 - Discovery!   buy
Legend of Himiko   Vol 1: Sacred Fire   buy
Vandread   Vol 4 - Pressure   buy

July 16
Arthur   Arthur's Scary Stories   buy
Dragon Ball Z   Fusion - Losing Battle   buy
    Fusion - Play For Time   buy
Lord Peter Wimsey: Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club (mini-series)   The Unpleasantness At The Bellona Club   buy
Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water   Vol. 10: The Prophecy Fulfilled   buy
Steel Angel Kurumi   Vol 2: The Trouble With Angels   buy
Vampire Princess Miyu   Vol. 6 - The Last Shinma   buy
Yu Yu Hakusho (AKA Poltergeist Report, The)   Vol 03 - A New Apprentice (edited)   buy
    Vol 03 - A New Apprentice (uncut)   buy
    Vol 04 - The Gate Of Betrayal (edited)   buy
    Vol 04 - The Gate Of Betrayal (uncut)   buy

July 23
Brain Powered   Vol. 2 - Family Feuds   buy
Escaflowne   Limited Edition Box Set   buy
GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka   Vol 03: Outcasts   buy
Hellsing   Vol. 1: Impure Souls   buy
    Vol. 1: Impure Souls (Limited)   buy
His And Her Circumstances   Vol 1: The Appearance Of A Normal Life   buy
    Vol 1: The Appearance Of A Normal Life (slipcase)   buy
M*A*S*H   Season 2   buy
Multiple Shows   The Complete Walking With Collection   buy
Real Bout High School   Vol 2: Netherworld Battle   buy
Ronin Warriors   Vol. 04: The Shadow Of Doom   buy
Sailor Moon   Vol 05 - Introducing Sailor Venus!   buy
    Vol 06 - Adventure Girls   buy
Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends   Best of Percy   buy
    Cranky Bugs   buy
    Races, Rescues & Runaways   buy

July 30
Andromeda   Vol 1.1   buy
Butt Ugly Martians   Best of The Bad Guys   buy
    Boyz To Martians   buy
    Hoverboard Heroes   buy
Dinotopia (mini-series)   Dinotopia   buy
Dragon Ball Z   Perfect Cell - Temptation   buy
Gokudo   Vol 4: Witches Extradonaire   buy
Honeymooners: The Lost Episodes, The   Volume 21   buy
    Volume 22   buy
Lassie   Lassie Collection   buy
Lexx   Season 3: Vol. 3   buy
Multiple Shows   Romance Collection: A&E Literary Classics   buy
Orphen   Vol 6: The Third Talisman   buy
Princess Nine   Vol 5: Bases Loaded!   buy
Ranma 1/2   Season 3 - Hard Battle   buy
Rurouni Kenshin   Vol 20: Soulless Knights   buy
Soul Hunter   Vol. 6: The One That Got Away   buy
Thunderbirds   Thunderbirds Mega Set   buy
UFO   Set #1   buy

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