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Transformers: Robots in Disguise - 'Overloaded & Decepticon Island Collection' DVD Release

Single-disc title from Shout! with four episodes from the second season

Posted by David Lambert
    Overloaded - The Autobots must split their forces to battle two different, but both dangerous, Decepticons. While Optimus takes his team to the Artic Circle to face off against Polarclaw, Bumblee and his team must battle against Overload, an ancient Decepticon who has a grudge against Optimus.

    Decepticon Island - The Autobot teams are reunited, but all is not well as they discover that Steeljaw is leading a Decepticon guerilla army. Though outnumbered, the Autobots will have to defeat Steeljaw's army if they want to keep the world safe.
The second season's debut two-parter and season finale two-parter are highlighted when Shout! Factory releases new DVDs of the 2015 series on May 30th. Titled Transformers: Robots in Disguise - Overloaded & Decepticon Island Collection, this single-disc release contains just those 4 episodes, running 88 minutes long. It's bare-bones, with just the episodes, and priced at $14.98 SRP. Here's the cover art, and an pre-order button link:

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Transformers: Robots in Disguise - Overloaded & Decepticon Island Collection
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