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Three's Company - Unofficial Extras List for S2 (wow!) S3 & S4 tidbits

Posted by David Lambert
It hasn't been but a week and a day since our last Three's Company update, but we aleady have more info for you. MUCH more.

A fan website known as Jack's Bistro happily relayed our news from the 6th about Season 2: an SRP of $39.95, a 4 disc set, 25 episodes, the first unaired pilot, and more, as-yet-unspecified, extras. And word that the 3rd season should be released before year's end, complete with the OTHER unaired pilot.

Now they've returned the serve with some amazing news of their own. Pavan, who appears to be the webmaster there at Jack's Bistro, wrote to tell us about their post there about their site's participation in the Three's Company - Season 2 DVD release. I'll let them say it in their own words:
    January 13, 2004 - As promised, though a few days later than I expected, I have the full information on what the extras will feature. But first ... as you all probably know, I'm going to be credited in the season two disc with some information help, but Chris Mann (author of "Come and Knock on Our Door") was very involved! He is making sure it will be very well done, for us fans. He is being credited for the following for this season two disc: writing, consulting, assisting in editing, research, and among other things! He has also helped a ton on the John Ritter tribute, box copy, and the liner notes. And Chris Mann has also confirmed that for sure season four will be out as well, my guess is sometime in 2005. Season 3 of course, will be out by the end of the year. He is also making sure fans see new added value and photographic material and are happy with the Seasons 2-4 releases.

    And now for the extras, being officially released here first, though all extras are subject to change, since the season two DVD is still a good two weeks or so away from being completed:

    - Three's Company: "The Never-Before-Seen First Pilot," written by Larry Gelbart and before the casting of Suzanne Somers and Joyce DeWitt.

    - "John Ritter: Always Leave Them Laughing" - An all-new documentary featuring interviews with Joyce DeWitt.

    - "Eight Years of Laughter" - A tribute to John Ritter showcasing his funniest Three's Company moments.

    - Trivia Game: Three's Company Season 2

    - Best of Janet - Season 2

    - Best of Chrissy - Season 2

    - Best of The Ropers - Season 2

    - Photo and Still Gallery

    - Memorabilia Gallery

    - Talent Bios (John Ritter, Suzanne Somers, Joyce DeWitt)

    All subject to change at the last minute, as you all know. Special thanks to Chris Mann, Crest National (who is editing & creating the DVD's), and Anchor Bay Entertainment.

After John Ritter's untimely death last Sept. 11th, Anchor Bay decided to release Season 1 immediately, and fulfill customer interest in getting material onto DVD that would let them remember Ritter at his very best. Since Anchor Bay had been unable to record planned supplements with Ritter (sessons were scheduled for the following week!), they instead promised that Season 2 would make up for it.

Wow, I do believe that Anchor Bay is keeping their spades! This will definately make fans of the show, and of Ritter, very happy indeed. Keeping in mind that the list of extras could change, it is still great to know of their very ambitious plans...and at a very reasonable price, too. Kudos to everyone on the production team for this!

With Season 3 planned before year's end, and Season 4 in the on-deck circle for a first-half-2005 release, Three's Company fans (like myself) could not be happier. Thanks to Anchor Bay for these excellent efforts, and thanks to Pavan and Jack's Bistro for sharing. Stay tuned, and we'll bring you cover art and Anchor Bay's official announcement - with final specs and extras listings - just as soon as these things are available.

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