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Three's Company - More Three's Company? How about The Ropers and Three's A Crowd? If you want 'em on DVD, read this!

Posted by David Lambert
TVShowsOnDVD's regular correspondent, Pavan Badal, has updated his Three's Company website (Jack's Bistro is the site name) with news about upcoming plans for season sets of that show, and also talks about what it will take to get the spin-offs (The Ropers and Three's A Crowd) to DVD. Here's Pavan's message, posted yesterday at his site:
    January 4, 2005 - Happy New Year everyone! We are entering our 7th season online here at Jack's Bistro. I am very proud of that. I have a TON of news to share with everyone today...

    ...As we all know, season 4 is slated for May 3. I can't release the special features just yet. So keep checking back on that and the cover art. I do have some news on the DVDs. I spoke to a good source and found out that seasons 5-8 has a very good chance of making it on DVD -- just don't forget to thank Anchor Bay for bringing us seasons 1-4 and tell them to make sure we get every season on DVD! Also, they have not licensed the spin-offs yet. All fans must do this -- email Anchor Bay and tell them we want the spin-offs in addition to every season of Three's Company on DVD! So, email Anchor Bay by clicking here and also email DLT Entertainment, so they can license it to them. This is a must guys. We want everything Three's Company on DVD to complete our 222 half hour set!

    ...Just make sure everyone emails Anchor Bay about the spin-offs -- it is a must!

We'll be sure to send off our e-mails to both Anchor Bay and to DLT right away, and we urge other fans to do the same! It would be a good time to get the spin-offs confirmed for release. To me, it seems like The Ropers is a no-brainer, especially since the snooty neighbor was played by none other than Jeffrey Tambor, who is super-hot right now on Arrested Development. Plus, we need the cross-over episodes where the kids went to visit Stanley and Helen in their new digs.

As for Three's A Crowd, we certainly want that one, too! It also features a cast member in common with Arrested Development in the form of Jessica Walter, by the way. But it's the concluding chapter of the Jack Tripper story, and we want it all, don't we? Anchor Bay can release it day-and-date with Three's Company - Season 8 and I'd pick them both up at the same time! Tell them you want it, too!

Stay tuned, and as soon as that cover art and extras can be posted for Season 4, we'll have that right to you. Thanks as always to Pavan for his excellent help.

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