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Star Trek - Status Report, Captain! Remastered Season 2 Eps ARE Coming to DVD!

No high-definition disc versions mentioned yet, though

Posted by David Lambert
Recently the original '60s Star Trek episodes have been getting remastered into high-definition elements, and along the way they are carefully (and, for the most part, respectfully) re-doing the special effects with modern techniques. Fans have been looking for these episodes to get released on a hi-def home video format, and last November the remastered first season came out as an HD DVD and DVD hybrid (hi-def on one side, standard DVD on the other). Plans were soon made public that the remaining two seasons were being planned.

However, a month ago we reported that CBS/Paramount had canceled their plans for a summer release of Star Trek - Season 2 (Remastered) as a hybrid HD DVD and DVD set. Why? Obviously it was due to Toshiba's dropping of the HD DVD format, after the majority of studios pledged their support to the rival Blu-ray Disc format. Paramount quickly let it be known that they would make the switch to Blu-ray as well, a format they previously had supported, but no word has come down yet about when we'll see the first new BDs from Paramount.

That let to many questions from Trek fans, naturally. Will the first season's hi-def version get re-released in Blu-ray Disc format? If so, when? Since HD DVD supported the "hybrid" HD DVD & DVD concept, and Blu-ray doesn't, what will happen with standard DVD support? How long will the wait be to get Season 2 (Remastered) on any format?

We've got the answer to the last couple of questions for you right now! In an early alert to retailers, Paramount Home Entertainment has told them to expect Star Trek - Season 2 (Remastered) on DVD only, with a street date of August 5th.

You'll get 26 hour-long episodes starting with the famous Kirk/Spock fight in "Amok Time," where we meet Chekov for the first time. Other fan-favorite episodes this season include Mirror, Mirror; The Doomsday Machine; I, Mudd, Metamorphosis; Journey to Babel; Wolf in The Fold; The Trouble With Tribbles; A Piece of the Action; By Any Other Name; The Ultimate Computer and Assignment: Earth. Guest stars include David Soul, Jane Wyatt and Mark Lenard, Julie Newmar, Tige Andrews, Vic Tayback, Diana Muldur, Robert Lansing and Teri Garr.

Looking for this in hi-def? Sorry; there was no word sent to retailers about a Blu-ray Disc version of this release. No other details were made available yet, either, so we can't talk yet about extras, pricing or packaging. It's probably safe to assume that the studio decided to take the "DVD side" of the masters for the hi-def hybrid release, and put these out as a standard DVD release.

My personal expectation is that we'll see all three seasons on Blu-ray Disc in the future, but we need to give the studio some time to get ramped back up on their BD format releases in general, and put together Trek product fans will be pleased with. So stay tuned, and surely we'll see word on that at some point! For now, we're taking sensor readings to find further details about the DVD release of the remastered second season; we'll update you when we find out more.

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