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Star Trek: The Next Generation - Hints From Wil Wheaton about TNG - Complete Series Featurettes

Wonder-Wesley Saves The Day! (Or Does He?)

Posted by David Lambert
I lived through the original broadcast run of Star Trek: TNG, and experienced the online experience as it could only be experienced at that time, in the pre-Internet days (i.e., via the "HOM-9" SciFi forum at Compu$erve; yep, back then we always included the dollar sign in place of the "S"). So, with that under my belt, I know that all of us - Wil Wheaton included! - could have done without my "Wonder-Wesley" comment above. However, it just felt so appropriate here.

The other day we posted news that told how has a pre-order listing for the October 2nd release of Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Complete Series. There we spoke of a list price at DVDEmpire of $530 for the set, but now that's looking quite a bit high since you can now see's pre-order listing is $306.99, discounted from what they show as a $438.99 SRP (hey, that's almost as low as DVDEmpire's discounted price!). Now, with Amazon's discount, the $306.99 cost ends up coming to $43.86 per season. Better! Worth getting? Well, the answer we get from Wil Wheaton is "yes."

Obviously, he might be a bit prejudiced, but let's listen to what the man has to say. Since DVDEmpire mentioned that the set will include all 7 season plus a bonus disc, and that the bonus disc will contain "Three Brand New Featurettes and Much More!," the next thing to find out is what are those featurettes about. That's where Mr. Wheaton comes in! Our thanks to reader "Joel" for pointing us toward Wheaton's blog, where this past Thursday he had this to say at the start of his entry "a good year to be a trekkie." When you get to the part where he says "you already know about" something, be patient and we'll explain what that means, after this quote from Wheaton:
    A few months ago, I said that it was going to be a really great year to be a Trekkie. At the time, I couldn't say exactly why, but I think I can safely leak some details now.

    First and foremost in my mind is the release this Fall of the Really Super-Awesome Trust Us You Totally Need To Have This One Even If You’ve Already Bought All The Other Ones DVD set, which includes two different documentaries. One of them I probably can't talk about, and the other one you already know about.

    I have heard from the producers of the documentary that when they showed a rough cut to the suits at Paramount, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. I'm told that they were "blown away" and got "vastly more than we ever expected" from us. Anyone who has watched Trek for any amount of time knows that things that make Paramount happy and things that make fans happy don't always overlap, but in this case, I think fans are going to love what we did.
The part where he says "you already know about" something, he's referring to (and in the blog, linking to) a previous post he made on May 30th, which refers to the shoot he had for his interviews on the extras for this new DVD set. He basically posted a story in two parts, on 5/30/07 and on 6/6/07, at the website (warning: mature content), where he talks about all the wonderful TNG-days memories dredged up by his time spent on the studio shooting the interviews for these extras. Note that the posts at do not give any additional hints as to the content on the DVD extras, but it's a great read in any case for any true TNG fan to see just how much the show meant to Wheaton, despite what can only be described as rough treatment by a large population of the show's fans (myself included, back in the day).

So, even though his hints at the content of these featurettes are very broad, he nevertheless conveys a sense of the excitement he feels, and that the fans will be very happy to see this bonus material. As someone who owns all seven seasons on DVD myself, I know that many of the potential customers for this package feel that Paramount tends to charge too much for Star Trek DVD releases, and that it had better REALLY be worth our money to get us to upgrade if we already have the complete show's run in what are already some nice sets. Wheaton seems to feel that this criteria is met. For many of us, that's a step in the right direction, but the studio still has to make us feel comfortable about upgrading. The words from the season three episode "The Defector" seem to say it best:
    Jarok: What must I do?
    Picard: You must convince me.
Stay tuned. We're still keeping long-range scanners at maximum, for updates, further info, and of course for box art. We'll continue to update you as soon as we can.

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