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Star Trek: The Next Generation - More DVDs? Yep!...Paramount pulls a 'Picard' Maneuver! *UPDATED*

Posted by David Lambert
With every single episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation already available in season sets from Paramount Home Video, just what more can the studio provide to consumers in terms of DVD releases?

It seems that there MIGHT be a huge, untapped market out there of more casual fans of the show, who simply have no intention of purchasing season sets at their high-dollar prices, but may instead be enticed to purchase smaller releases with lower price tags.

Whether or not that's the reason for this new release, Paramount *has* given retailers and press the heads-up that July 2004 will see the release of a Star Trek: The Next Generation - Picard Box Set. Nothing else was said about this, not even in response to our direct inquiry. Instead, Paramount seemingly wants to formally announce this in their own way, and in their own good time.

However, a bit of quick research shows that a German DVD set was released last year with the exact same title. A quick look at the German version of shows a 2-DVD set that seems to contain episodes such as "Darmok," "Captain's Holiday," "The Inner Light," and others. There are also supplements on there, such as a Crew Analysis, a Mission Overview, and a "Captain's Tribute." This is a "Region 2" release, and incompatible with most North American DVD players, but perhaps it gives Americans an idea of what their release will look like this summer.

Of course, there's no telling yet what the exact contents of a USA release would be, and we'll just have to wait to see what Parmount's official announcement says. You can check that German Amazon link above to see what the overseas cover art looks like, but once again there is no way to tell if our version will look the same. But stay tuned, and we'll fill you in on more of this, just as soon as we get additional information.

UPDATE (4/9):
A helpful reader who only calls himself "Josh" wrote in mention that we had overlooked that the Region 2 release of The Picard Box Set was also available in the U.K., and that the British version of Amazon also has it listed. That's helpful, because we now see the full list of episodes and extras with their English titles. Find it, and the special feature descriptions, listed at that link. For an even better look at the box - inside and out! - check out the picture posted last year in the Region 2 section at Don't forget that this is still not compatible (usually) with American DVD players, but it's still fun to look at and speculate on what the Region 1 release will contain. Thanks, Josh, for your helpful note!

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