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Star Trek: The Next Generation - More Blu-ray Disc Plans for ST:TNG MAY Include Newly-Found Outtakes/Bloopers

In-depth technical interview at describes new extras being considered by the production team (and presumably the studio)

Posted by David Lambert
As you know Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season 1 is already out on Blu-ray Disc, and on December 4th CBS/Paramount will release Season 2 Blu-rays as well. The third season is being worked on as well, and the TrekCore website has a new interview with the team which has been working on this. It's a great inside look at the technical side of this effort, including how difficult it is at times to track down footage. As part of the interview, they reveal near the end that sometimes the hunt for film sequences leads the team to find new bloopers and outtakes, which may come out as extras on future Blu-ray releases...and commentary tracks as well:
    TrekCore: Sarah and Wendy, do you sometimes stumble across deleted scenes or bloopers or outtakes when you're going through the boxes, or has that material all been destroyed?

    Wendy Ruiz: It's not been destroyed. It's just hard to identify it. There's nothing really labelling it as an outtake or blooper. We have some notes, but not many, and when we do find notes for what we can clearly figure out to be a blooper or an outtake, we set them aside for the blu-rays.

    TrekCore: So there is a chance that those will be coming on future sets?

    Wendy Ruiz: That's our hope, yes!

    TrekCore: Can you tell us any more?

    Wendy Ruiz: We're barely starting our search now for Season 3 bloopers and outtakes. If we find stuff, and if it's interesting enough, then we'll use if hopefully.

    ...Craig Weiss: The one thing about Star Trek, and the company [CBS] is that they listen to the fans. [The Fans] also have a huge voice in this. So, they are very influential - so I'm sure if the fans … like, if the fans really wanted Deep Space Nine as a blu-ray release, the company would really look at that and take it into consideration. In this franchise, the fans really drive a lot of what happens.

    TrekCore: I think that's what's more surprising. I know there was a large demand after Season 1 asking if future seasons were going to get audio commentaries, and now CBS are indeed doing those for Season 2. This is great to see - how much the feedback process is influencing the blu-rays, and how much CBS are taking on board.

    Craig Weiss: Absolutely. That's why the fans are so important. For future shows like Deep Space Nine, if [the fans] start lighting up those message boards that they're so thrilled with this product and would love to see that, then the company starts to really listen to that.
Our thanks to reader Adam Walker for the heads-up about this interview, with this cool information about the upcoming ST:TNG Blu-ray Disc season sets. As they say, if Trek fans want more of this type of work for Deep Space Nine (or other shows) for additional Blu releases, the interest has to be there on these BD sets coming out now. And don't just say it, with your dollars! Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season 3 plans are in the works, and we'll have info about that once it's available: stay tuned! For now, here's a link once more to the first and season seasons on high-def Blu-ray format (and box art for the upcoming Season 2 set):

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Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season 2

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