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Site News - Digital Bits Says it's a Race Between Lost and Battlestar for the First-Ever Complete Series TV-on-BD

But is either of them really going down as the first 'Complete' program on Blu-Ray Disc?

Posted by David Lambert
Earlier this week we received an e-mail from a longtime reader, Dusty Pearson, who wanted to advise us that had posted a transcript from a roundtable chat event featuring Lost producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. He wanted to draw our attention to this question and answer:
    Q: Hey Guys, when will season one and two be getting the Blu-Ray treatment? Any plans?

    Cartlon Cuse: Hi Jon. We have heard of no plans to go back and re-release seasons one and two on bluRay. But if I were a betting man I'd lay down a lot of money that you'll be ale to buy a complete series blu-Ray box set when all is said and done.
We pretty much responded to Dusty that we didn't intend to post about this exchange, though: after all, it's a pretty safe bet that this type of release will come sooner or later, and it's not presently on the schedule (especially if Carlton Cuse himself doesn't have a date for it!), so there really isn't much to report right now.

So why are we posting about it? Well, our friends at trade magazine Video Business decided to talk about it, and that prompted our friend Bill Hunt at The Digital Bits to talk about it yesterday. But he went a step further. Besides talking about the "eventual" Blu-ray release of Lost - The Complete Series, he indicated that VB's mention that "To date, no primetime series has been released in full form on Blu-ray" didn't necessarily mean Lost would make it first. Here's what Bill has to say about Battlestar Galactica possibly beating Lost to the Blu-ray punch:
    According to Susanne Alt over at Video Business today, Lost creators Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindeloff expect that their entire series will be released on Blu-ray as a full 6-season set at some point (likely in 2010, after the series ends), which COULD make Lost the first major current TV series to arrive complete on the format. OUR sources, however, are telling us that there's a pretty good chance you're going to see a Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series Blu-ray box set next year, so I guess we've got a bit of a race on our hands.
Of course, though, the reference is to a "multi-season" series. At least we hope so, since we're sure that nobody's forgetting that Firefly - The Complete Series - which only lasted one season - is already out on Blu-ray Disc. Could another mutli-season program beat both Galactica and Lost, though? My sources say "maybe," as there are several candidates among both old and new shows, both ratings smashes in their time and smaller "cult favorites." We're not going to name names until things get more firm, but if this is a race, then the winner will naturally be the TV-on-BD fans! Thanks to all of our readers who wrote in. Stay tuned and we'll keep you posted if anything happens on any of these titles, okay?

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