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Site News - Head's Up: The News Will Probably Be Kinda Slow This Holiday Season

Don't be surprised if we're a little bit light on news posts for a bit!

Posted by David Lambert
Sung to the tune of "Frosty" "The news is real slow, man!..."

During the holidays each year here at TVShowsOnDVD, we try to post some news for you every single weekday...well, except for on the holidays themselves (even we deserve time off on the 25th and the 1st, right?). And for every day that we post news, we try to have at least two or three stories to pass along.

But we thought it was fair to warn all of our faithful readers that things are looking a bit light this year, news-wise. Things are often slower with announcements right about now anyway, and through the end of the year...and possibly into the start of the new year. It's not really out of the ordinary.

Folks at the studios take time off for the holidays. Strong weather (and wildfires, where they are a concern!) must be taken into account. Even business deals such as Disney/Fox and AT&T/Time-Warner might possibly affect the number of home video announcements in the pipeline, at least for a bit. We suppose that remains to be seen!

During this holiday season, we'll TRY to bring you at least one piece of news each day (no promises! but we'll try!) about a DVD and/or Blu-ray release for multi-episode TV shows and mini-series, like always. What we focus on won't change. And we'll bring you as much quality info as we get alerted to. If you have a news tip for us, us the site's "contact us" form and let us know. We're already trying to check into some rumors about some potentially exciting things. But as always, we won't talk until we know what we're talking about.

In the meantime, if a day or two goes by and we can't find any solid news to post, we hope our readers will understand. Just check back with us the next day! If you follow our Twitter account (we always have a link to it at the bottom of our news pages), then keep in mind that we'll try to tweet and let you know if there's no news to post about that day. Here at TSoD, we usually "call it quits" by 7:30 PM on the U.S. East Cost, at the very latest.

ALSO, if any folks out there at the various studios are reading this, and if you've got a bit of news you want to share with us and our readers about a 2018 release of a TV-DVD or TV-BD, then be sure to contact us and give us the info, so we can leak to our site's visitors! Who knows? You might just find your item in the spotlight, while our readers take time off from work and school for the holidays, and surf the web. We're sure that there's more exciting releases in-the-works. And folks coming to our site want to know, as always, if their favorite TV show is on DVD (or BD).

We'll be here, never worry. Enjoy your holidays, and stay safe!

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