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Sesame Street - Can You Tell Me How To Get, How To Get To Sesame Street?

Posted by David Lambert
As everyone reading this surely knows, there have been a lot of Sesame Street DVDs released. A LOT of them. Some have had classic bits from the TV series, some have had combinations of bits from old and new, some have been entirely made-for-video, any many people think that Elmo has been the star of far, far too many of these discs. Folks who agree with the last comment have longed for a pre-Elmo Sesame Street, when Mr. Hooper was in his store, when Kermit The Frog was doing reports for the Sesame Street News, and when only Big Bird could see Mr. Snufflepagus.

Since May there has been word that fans nostalgic for the original, early years of Sesame Street would get their chance when Sesame Workshop (formerly the Children's Television Workshop) would release a box set of this material in the Fall 2006 timeframe. Now we're pleased to report that this is indeed happening, and that our friends in the retail world have recently been solicited by distributor Sony BMG for the first box set!

Sesame Street - Old School, Volume 1 will be available from October 24th. This 4-DVD set (NOTE: we're not sure yet if that disc count is correct) will cost $39.95 SRP. This is all the info our friends were given so far, but more expected in the not-too-distant future. Stay tuned!

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