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Sesame Street - Box Art & Extras for Old School Volume 2: 1974 - 1979

Street Date is November 6th

Posted by David Lambert
As we've reported, November 6th sees the DVD release of Sesame Street - Old School Volume 2: 1974 - 1979 as a 3-disc set. Look for over 8 hours of classic Sesame Street from the old days of Mr. Hooper and Gordon's first appearance! Look for well-known guest stars to pop in, such as Paul Simon, Judy Collins, Lily Tomlin and Henry Winkler. We also have the following list of bonus material, as supplied to us by Genius Products:
  • Includes the first Sesame Street episode ever created, which has never been broadcast!
  • A 12-page booklet packed with behind-the-scenes information and photos
  • A special collectible animation cell from "Pinball Number Count" which made its debut on Sesame Street in 1977
  • Contains the premier episodes from each of the 5 seasons (1974 - 1979) completely restored
  • The first episode from Season 5 features the debut of Roscoe Orman in the role of Gordon
  • Includes 57 bonus segments
Now, the first point on that list, "includes the first Sesame Street episode ever created, which has never been broadcast," sounds suspiciously like the Volume 1 extra, "(includes) the original pilot for the show - first time available anywhere." Andrew Leal, Admistrator at the Muppet Wiki, explains to us that the item on the first volume is actually a "pitch reel" sent to station managers to promote the show, prior to any actual broadcasts. What the item is on the second volume is likely the first test show (of five created), shown to an extremely limited audience. Our attempt to clarify this with Genius did not generate an immediate response, but Andrew is probably correct, we think. Our thanks to him for the contribution!

You can pre-order this from Amazon for $27.99 right away. Here is your first look at the second volume's package art:

Sesame Street - Old School Volume 2: 1974 - 1979 box art

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