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Roseanne - Mill Creek Announces the 9th and Last Season, and Also 'The Complete Series'

DVD sets for both of those titles will be available this mid-May

Posted by David Lambert
From 2005-07, Anchor Bay released all 9 seasons of the sitcom starring America's "domestic goddess," but those all went out of print and a "complete series" set was never before put together. Since late 2011, after picking up the license, Mill Creek Entertainment has been re-releasing the individual season sets at much lower prices, and so far the first six are in stores. The seventh and eight will hit the streets tomorrow, so what better time than now for Mill Creek to announce this? On May 14th you'll see releases of both Roseanne - Season 9 and - for the first time ever - Roseanne - The Complete Series on DVD!

Roseanne - Season 9 comes on 3 discs for just 14.98 SRP, and for extras includes Interviews with the Cast and Crew, Blooper and Highlight Reels, Video Commentary, Fans' Top Questions, a Candid Interview with Roseanne, and "much much more!" Notable guest stars for this season include George Clooney, Jerry Springer, Steven Seagal, Ed Asner, Jim Varney, Tammy Faye Bakker, Dina Merrill, Joanna Lumley, Jennifer Saunders, Arianna Huffington, Marlo Thomas, James Brolin, Debbie Reynolds, Rainer Hahn, Hugh Hefner, Milton Berle, Robin Leach, Todd Oldham, Tony Robbins and Kathleen Sullivan. A studio description of the item, along with 3D package art, can be seen below.

Roseanne - The Complete Series is priced at $69.98 SRP for all 9 seasons on 27 DVDs, and combines all the bonus material found on Mill Creek's separate season sets (such as Interviews with the Cast and Crew, Blooper and Highlight Reels, Video Commentary, Fans' Top Questions, the Candid Interview with Roseanne, etc.). You'll get every episode, including both Becky's, not to mention from the fourth season onward all those appearances of Big Bang Theory's Johnny Galecki as Darlene's boyfriend David! The package including an "o-ring" outer cover, which you can see at the bottom just under a studio description of this title. Immediately below is an Amazon button link that you can use to pre-order either title:

NOTE: A couple of our readers have asked us, on Facebook and Twitter whether The Complete Series will consist of the uncut episodes. We've checked in with Mill Creek, and they assure us that, "Yes, it's the uncut episodes. There are a few occasions of music replacement...which are unavoidable, but we do indeed have the original broadcast edits of all episodes - not the syndicated cuts as previously released." That's great to know!

Order this title from
    For millions of Roseanne fans the secret surprises and unforgettable moments of season 9 created bittersweet memories of unpredictable realities and shocking conclusions. It was the monumental year that the Conner's won the lottery, Roseanne battled terrorists, Dan pondered the meaning of life, Jackie and DJ found love and Darlene gave birth. All of these events and more led us to the astounding final episode in which Roseanne revealed the twisted and mind-blowing realities of the Connor family! Watch as your favorite blue-collar family takes their final bows and delivers the side slitting hilarity you've come to love in the fascinating final season of Roseanne!
Roseanne - Season 9

    Celebrate the hysterical banter, honest attitude and flat-out hilarity that broke all the rules and changed sitcom history forever! Praised by fans and critics for its realistic portrayal of the average American family, Roseanne and Dan's unconventional parenting methods entertained millions as they navigated through the ups and downs of blue-collar life with their children - Becky, Darlene and D.J. Wildly popular for its quick-witted comedy Roseanne also tackled controversial issues, this blend of life and laughs made the series a landmark in television history. Experience all 9 ground-breaking seasons of the Emmy Award Winning Connor clan as they generate oodles of laugher and side-splitting comedy in this laugh-packed 27 disc collection!
Roseanne - The Complete Series

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