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The Complete 1st Season

Roseanne - 'The Complete 5th Season' and 'The Complete 6th Season' from Mill Creek

'Leonard' from Big Bang Theory and 'Elliot' from Scrubs look large on the box art

Posted by David Lambert
    Relive all 25 episodes from the fifth season of this award-winning comedy. It's another award-winning, hilarious season of the typical blue-collar family trying to raise a family and make ends meet. This season Roseanne and Jackie open a diner, Darlene decides to go to art school and her boyfriend moves in. The bike shop is closed and Dan decides to renovate a house that Jackie eventually buys to save Dan from financial disaster. It's another unforgettable season for the domestic goddess and her family. Special performances by guest stars Loretta Lynn, Morgan Fairchild, Bill Maher, Ed Begley, Jr., Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Joan Collins and Chris Farley. Bonus Feature: Roseanne Answers the Fans Top 10 Questions.

    Then, relive all 25 episodes of Season 6 of the award-winning comedy from America's favorite dysfunctional family. It's another hilarious and dramatic season where Bev sells her share in the diner, David (Johnny Galecki, Big Bang Theory) proposes to Darlene, Dan and Roseanne smoke marijuana, Roseanne receives a surprise kiss, Becky (Sarah Chalke, Scrubs) and Mark return home and in the end someone gets married. Roseanne, Dan and the rest of the Conner clan provide non-stop laughter through the trial and tribulations of the everyday life of the funniest working class family. Guest Stars: Michael O'Keefe, Sandra Bernhard, Mariel Hemingway, Vicki Lawrence, Florence Henderson and Fabio.
Mill Creek Entertainment has announced that on September 4th they will release Roseanne - The Complete 5th Season AND Roseanne - The Complete 6th Season on DVD. Both of these 3-disc sets are priced at $14.98 SRP each. Here's the package art for them, and a pre-order link:

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Roseanne - The Complete 5th Season
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Roseanne - The Complete 6th Season
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