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The Return of Captain Nemo (mini-series) - The Warner Archive is Preparing an April DVD Release

Manufacture-on-Demand DVD will be available exclusively at the Warner Archive

Posted by David Lambert
    From hit-making producer Irwin Allen (The Poseidon Adventure, The Towering Inferno) comes the triumphant return of the greatest adventurer of all (by way of Jules Verne)! Awakened from a 100-year cryogenic freeze, the legendary Captain Nemo (Academy Award winner José Ferrer) pursues a mad scientist (Burgess Meredith), who threatens to destroy Washington unless he's paid a billion dollars in gold. Co-written by Psycho's Robert Bloch, The Amazing Captain Nemo was originally conceived as a three-part pilot for a weekly TV series. Combining action, heroics and Emmy-nominated special effects, The Amazing Captain Nemo is seagoing action and excitement that's simply under-and-out of this world!
1978's Irwin Allen production The Return of Captain Nemo, also called The Amazing Captain Nemo, had life as a 3-part minis-series and - in a more condensed version - as a TV film (which was also shown for a brief theatrical run, reportedly). As mentioned in the studio description above, the CBS airing was meant to be a pilot for a regular TV series, and when it wasn't picked up as a regular show it marked one of Irwin Allen's final ventures into weekly television series. The optical and photographic special effects were strong enough in this production to earn it an Emmy Award nomination for "Outstanding Individual Achievement In Any Area Of Creative Technical Crafts." José Ferrer (Dune, To Be Or Not To Be), Burgess Meredith (Rocky, Batman), Mel Ferrer (Falcon Crest), Horst Buchholz (The Magnificent Seven) and Lynda Day George (Mission: Impossible) lead the cast.

The Warner Archives, the manufacture-on-demand (MOD) home video project for Warner Home Video, has posted an entry showing that the condensed 98-minute version of the production, titled as "The Amazing Captain Nemo," will be available to ship beginning on April 6th. The cost is $19.95, according to the listing. That listing also describes the aspect ration as "16 X 9 FULL FRAME," a confusing wording that we've seen at the Archives before: sometimes items marked this way arrive as 16x9 widescreen, sometimes they turn out to be 4x3 full it's difficult to predict the situation with this one (since it's been shown on both TV and in theaters). Here's a look at the packaging:

The Return of Captain Nemo - The Amazing Captain Nemo

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The Return of Captain Nemo (mini-series)

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