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Rainbow Brite - Cuddle up with toys...and bonus DVDs! PART 2

Posted by David Lambert
As a response to our Muppet Babies: Cuddle up with toys...and bonus DVDs! news post from last night, we just received a note from "Jackie" who says:

    An FYI-

    Toy Play Inc has put out Rainbow Brite Dolls for the 20th Anniversary and included a free 20 minute DVD of the original cartoon series. The DVD I got with my doll is "Star Sprinkles" unfortunately, I checked all the other dolls and they all have the same DVD.

We scouted around further on the website of ToyPlay/Betesh Group and found this page that explains which toys come with bonus DVDs, and where they can be bought at. There are two lines. One line is: 18" Rainbow Brite Doll, 18" Canary Yellow Doll, 18" Patty O'Green Doll, and 18" Red Butler Doll (each 18" doll is available at Wal-Mart, Target, or Shopko). The other line is the "Dolls with Light-Up Sprites" series, and consist of these:

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Those links take you directly to, where they can be bought and conveniently sent right to your door for just $12.99 each. Using those links helps to support this site. Or else you can look for these at Wal-Mart, Target, Toys R Us, Kohl's or Shopko stores.

No way to tell if there are supposed to be other episodes besides "Star Sprinkles", but hopefully some other sharp-eyed readers will help fill us in. Thanks, Jackie, for the quick tip-off!

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