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Prison Break - Target Bonus DVD Gets You An Extra Behind-The Scenes Featurette, While Best Buy's Gives You The Mobile Phone Episodes!

Posted by David Lambert
The Fox hit show, Prison Break, hit's DVD this coming Tuesday, and the studio is anticipating good sales for it. In fact, trade magazine Home Video Business had a story by Jessica Wolf this past week about how this show's first season storyline pertains so much to the second season that debuts on-air soon, that the folks behind the program really feel it's a good idea to watch these DVDs fresh prior to jumping into the new stories. Also, the article mentions that the show is successful enough that they are tentatively planning to extend the plans for a 2-season story arc to include a possible 3rd season!

But the question remains, where should you get your DVD's for the first season? Best Buy and Target are each hoping to entice you to their stores to pick this up, and each has their own different exclusive bonus DVD as a pack-in on specially marked boxes of the first season set!

And let's be clear about that, because after confusion last week with other bonus DVDs, we really want to remind everybody that the bonus DVDs at each chain are only included in SPECIALLY MARKED PACKAGES. If there's no special sticker telling you it's in there, then please assume that it's not. Can't find any packages with the special markings? Then please assume it's sold out. Sorry, that's the way of the world. Snooze, lose...just like I did last week when I missed getting a particular bonus that I wanted at one retailer! Yep, I suck.

So head over to either Target or Best Buy quickly this week and pick up one of these before they're gone, okay? Target's offering is a bonus DVD with the featurette called "Behind The Walls," which includes a look at the show's wrap party for the first season. Here's a look at a scan of Target's weekly ad, compliments of reader "Adam":

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Best Buy, meanwhile, has an exclusive bonus DVD with featuring all 26 two-minute "mobisodes" (Mobile Phone Episodes) from the Prison Break: Proof of Innocence spin-off series, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at the made-for-mobile series. How do these "mobisodes" tie into the main series? Well, Toyota sponsored them (so you'll see lots of their "Yaris" vehicle in the mobisodes) as a way to get "backstory info" about the main storyline and "discover all-new characters" (i.e., don't look for any of the main show's cast members to show up...or any of the writers, either). The plots revolve around the reasons that L.J. Burrows ended up in prison in the first place, and Mandell Maughan as "Amber McCall" is the main recurring cast member. These have previously been available only on Sprint Cell Phone's "Power Vision" service or at Toyota's Prison Break mini-site.

Also, just as a kicker, if you purchase Prison Break - Season 1 from Best Buy this week (on-line or in-stores), you can be eligible to purchase the Best Buy-exclusive DVD release of Cops - Too Hot for TV: The Bad Karma Collection, Vol.'s 1 & 2 for just $9.99! Details are posted separately. Here's what the bonus DVD looks like at Best Buy:

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