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Prison Break - Blu-ray Releases at Last for 'Season 2' and 'Season 4'

Plus BD re-releases of seasons one and three, all in early December!

Posted by David Lambert
From 2005 to 2009, the Fox network aired four seasons of Prison Break, starring Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller. Starting in 2006, Fox Home Entertainment released the show on DVD in season sets: Season 1 in late summer 2006, then Season 2 in late summer 2007. Next, Fox released their first-ever TV-on-BD title, with a Blu-ray release in fall 2007 for Prison Break - Season 1.

The studio never went back and put out the second season on Blu, though, electing instead in late summer 2008 to go straight to a release on both DVD and Blu-ray formats for Season 3. The final season, Season 4, came out in early summer 2009...but only on DVD format! Then, seven weeks later, Fox released the direct-to-video wrap-up special, Prison Break - The Final Break, on both DVD and Blu-ray Disc.

In the past few years, Miller and Purcell have teamed back up on The CW's shows rooted in DC Comics, with Miller portraying "Leonard Snart/Captain Cold" and Purcell playing his BCFF (Best Criminal Friend Forever) "Mick Rory/Heat Wave" in Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. Partly because of their resurgent popularity there, and partly due to the success of other "recently old" Fox shows revamped and returned (like 24 and The X-Files), Fox has announced that in 2017 they will return Prison Break in an event series with 9 new episodes!

With that on-the-way, Fox Home Entertainment is giving PB/Miller-and-Purcell fans a dearly sought-after Christmas present! On December 6th, the studio will release (or re-release, in the case of the first and third seasons) new Blu-ray copies for Prison Break - Season 1, Prison Break - Season 2, Prison Break - Season 3, and Prison Break - Season 4. Each item will be priced at $29.99 SRP, and each comes with 6 discs except the third season, which is 4 discs. Per the info currently available from Fox, the first season's BD package will remain unchanged, but the third season sports new artwork from the previous Blu release.

While the USA site for Amazon doesn't show it, the Canadian also has a pre-order listing for Prison Break - The Complete Collection Blu-ray set, also coming out on December 6th, and priced at CA$117.99 SRP (roughly $99.99 USA). But Fox hasn't formally announced that so far. Of course, all of the above information (and below artwork) may not be finalized yet, and could be subject to change...stay tuned!

Prison Break - Seasons 1-4 Blu-ray

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