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Prison Break - Word Leaks Out on When to Expect Prison Break - Season 3

DVD (and Blu-ray Disc?) apparently targeted for August

Posted by David Lambert
Recently we reported that Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles will come to DVD in August, which - as it turns out - is around the same time Fox will begin rerunning those episodes on Monday nights. That leads up to the show's eventual season premiere, happening shortly afterward. Fans of another show which airs on Fox Mondays, Prison Break, have been wondering when we'll see DVDs of that program's third season. Well, thanks to our friends at we can tell you that at the same time that Sarah Conner repeats begin airing on Monday evenings (which is August 11th), Prison Break will also begin airing reruns that same night. As a result, it's not hard to peg a DVD (and Blu-ray Disc) release of Prison Break - Season 3 for an August timeframe.

But we can get more specific than that, thanks to They are a website which operates from the same street address as the "creative marketing" group of Ingram Entertainment's wholesale operation, so you can see where they might be "in the know." As several readers have pointed out to us (our thanks for each of you who e-mailed!), VideoETA has posted an August 26th street date for release of Prison Break's 3rd Season set. They also give a $49.98 SRP list price for the DVD package, which is a list price which is ten dollars less than the SRPs for each of the first two seasons on DVD.

Since Fox hasn't formally announced this yet, please realize that the info VideoETA posted could still be subject to changes and/or corrections; therefore, please take it with a grain of salt for now. Because of this, we're leaving it in the "gossip" column for today, and we'll wait for the studio to make it official. As we indicated above, we've also heard gossip to expect a Blu-ray release for the 3rd season (meaning that the 1st and 3rd would be on BD, but not the second season...yet). Stay tuned, and we'll update you further when solid info comes in!

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