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The Plastic Man Comedy/Adventure Show - Is Warner Preparing the DVD Releases for Plastic Man? It Seems So!

Mark Evanier posts word at his blog that he's recorded some extras for an upcoming release

Posted by David Lambert
Back in 2006, a question came up at one of the annual online chats between Warner and the Home Theater Forum: " there any chance of The Smurfs, Pac Man, or the Plastic Man Comedy Adventure Hour coming to DVD anytime soon?" Warner conceded that they were working on The Smurfs, which has since come to DVD, and that they would "look into Pac Man and Plastic Man." And they did look into it!

In 2007 they held a survey asking potential DVD buyers about their interest level in various cartoon properties they own, and Plastic Man was at the top of the list of titles (Pac Man, incidently, was also on the list). Did it work? Well, in the most recent Warner/HTF chat held not long ago, the question was asked (by the same person, no less!) once more: "Is there any plans for Pac Man, The Plastic Man Comedy Adventure Hour, Paw Paws, or Yogi Bear's First Christmas getting a DVD release?" The answer from Warner this time was: "We are looking at all of these, and hope to have news for you in 2009."

Well, it seems like we don't have to wait until 2009 for Plastic Man news! The other night, this past Friday evening, animation expert Mark Evanier posted at his blog a bit called "How I Spent Today." In it, he explains how he spent the middle of the day:
    This afternoon, I had to go out to the Warner Brothers lot to be interviewed for little behind-the-scenes videos that will appear on two upcoming DVDs of cartoon shows. One is of the 1979 Saturday morning Plastic Man series, which I worked on for one season.
He also talks about another show, The Jetsons, but we'll save that for a separate post in just a few minutes. In the meantime, it looks like DVD releases for The Plastic Man Comedy/Adventure Show really are a go, so stay tuned and we'll keep you updated about it as more word comes in about it. Our thanks to reader Dave De Silva for the heads-up about Mark's post!

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