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The New Adventures of Superman - Warner Announced 'Seasons 2 and 3' of the '60s Filmation Show

All 32 remaining episodes will be together in one package this June

Posted by David Lambert
    These adventures were the first time that Superman (and his alter ego Clark Kent), Lois Lane and Perry White had been seen in animated form since they were immortalized in the iconic Superman short films of the 1940s. In addition, this series marked the animation debut of Jimmy Olsen and classic Superman villains like Lex Luthor and Brainiac. This animated Superman was forerunner show that lead to all the subsequent animated superhero programming.
Following up on the six seasons of the 1952 live-action TV show "The Adventures of Superman," starring George Reeves, 1966 saw an animated sequel called "The New Adventures of Superman" (36 stories). Those epic cartoons continued in 1967's The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure and in 1968's The Batman/Superman Hour (each containing 16 Superman stories, for 32 more in all).

Back in 2007, Warner Home Video released The New Adventures of Superman - Season 1 on DVD, a 2-disc set with the first group of 36 cartoon stories. Now the studio is finally following up with a June 3rd release of The New Adventures of Superman - Seasons 2 and 3, a two-DVD collection ($19.97 SRP) of the remaining 32 episodes:
  • Disc 1: Season 2
      1. A.P.E. Strikes Again
      2. The Lethal Lightning Bug
      3. The Prankster
      4. The Saboteurs
      5. The Wisp of Wickedness
      6. Superman Meets His Match
      7. Night of the Octopod
      8. Brainiac's Bubbles
      9. War of the Bee Battalion
      10. The Toyman's Super-Toy
      11. The Cage of Glass
      12. The Atomic Superman
      13. Luthor's Loco Looking Glass
      14. The Warlock's Revenge
      15. The Halyah of the Himalayas
      16. Luthor's Fatal Fireworks

  • Disc 2: Season 3
      17. Luthor's Lethal Laser Pt. 1
      18. Luthor's Lethal Laser Pt. 2
      19. Can a Luthor Change His Spots? Pt. 1
      20. Can a Luthor Change His Spots? Pt. 2
      21. The Team of Terror Pt. 1
      22. The Team of Terror Pt. 2
      23. Rain of Iron Pt. 1
      24. Rain of Iron Pt. 2
      25. The Mysterious Mr. Mist Pt. 1
      26. The Mysterious Mr. Mist Pt. 2
      27. Luminians on the Loose Pt. 1
      28. Luminians on the Loose Pt. 2
      29. The Ghost of Kilbane Castle - Pt 1
      30. The Ghost of Kilbane Castle - Pt 2
      31. The Japanese Sandman Pt. 1
      32. The Japanese Sandman Pt. 2
Check out the packaging for this long-awaited item:

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The New Adventures of Superman - Seasons 2 and 3

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The New Adventures of Superman

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