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Mystery Science Theater 3000 - 'XXXIX' Announced: The Final(!?!) DVD Set For MST3K!

Shout! Factory's last release of unreleased classic episodes is coming in November

Posted by David Lambert
    Special Offer: The first 1,500 orders placed on will receive an exclusive bonus disc featuring MST3K: The Complete Poopie! (see below for more details)! Also, get it shipped THREE WEEKS EARLY!

    And in the end, the laughs you take are equal to the jokes they make. Contained within is the almost certainly, probably definitely, maybe unquestionably final collection of never-before-released episodes of our favorite Cowtown puppet show, Mystery Science Theater 3000.

    The slings and arrows of outrageous licenses have resulted in only three episodes, so we have included a disc featuring host segments of all the remaining unreleased ones. It's fitting that this volume includes Diabolik, as it was the final episode of the series. So take one plausibly last ride with our heroes on the Satellite of Love!

    Titles Include:
    • Girls Town
    • The Amazing Transparent Man
    • Diabolik
    • "Satellite Dishes"

    Plus, the first 1,500 orders from will receive an exclusive bonus disc, which will contain:

    MST3K: The Complete Poopie! - Everyone poopies, and even the maestros of comedy aboard the Satellite of Love weren't immune to the occasional blooper. After years on the air, those added up, and the result is a wonderful collection of mishaps, line flubs and crack-ups. Poopie! chronicled the outtakes from Seasons 2-6. Poopie II! added seasons 7 & 8 to the mix, and Poopie Parade Of Values was the gang's unique take on an infomercial to shill the VHS tapes of Poopie! and the MST Scrapbook being sold by the MST3K Info Club. So if you're anal about Poopie, this definitive collection will be cause for the kind of celebration you should probably keep to yourself.

    Product Note: Extras in progress and will be announced at a later date.
Shout! Factory has announced that Mystery Science Theater 3000 - XXXIX is coming to stores on DVD this November 21st...two days before Thanksgiving happens in the USA! What do you have to give thanks for? The turkey, in this case, is that this is the last of the releases. Satellite News has reported that Shout Factory told them the following:
    Despite our best efforts to include the remaining unreleased episodes, due to licensing issues, it is very likely that Volume 39 will be the last collection of never-before-released episodes, and that these remaining episodes may never get a legitimate release. With this in mind, we decided the next best option was to release the remaining host segments by themselves. ...The 4th disc, called "Satellite Dishes" is a collection of the host segments from episodes from the remaining unreleased episodes. They are:
    • Ep #201 Rocketship X-M
    • Ep #212: Godzilla Vs. Megalon
    • Ep #213: Godzilla Vs. The Sea Monster
    • Ep #309: The Amazing Colossal Man
    • Ep #311: It Conquered the World
    • Ep #416: Fire Maidens from Outer Space
    • Ep #418: The Eye Creatures
    • Ep #807: Terror from the Year 5000
    • Ep #809: I Was A Teenage Werewolf
    • Ep #905: The Deadly Bees
    • Ep #906: The Space Children
    • Ep #913: Quest of the Delta Knights
So it seems that the rights-holders to those 12 films won't license the rights to Shout! Factory for DVDs of them as MST3K episodes, and therefore we'll never get proper releases of those dozen episodes. Very upsetting, but we're certain that Shout! has done everything they could.

And, of course, they are the driving force between the new episodes which are seen on Netflix, so we can be confident of future DVD releases with the new 2017 revival show's episodes at some point in the future! We're not sure yet, of course, if they'll continue on with the numbering at Volume 40 ("XXXX"), though, or start anew. Time will tell, of course.

As for Mystery Science Theater 3000 - XXXIX, the 4-DVD set will be priced at $59.97 SRP, and includes closed captioning. Package art is below. It's not up for pre-order at Amazon yet, but here's a button link to place your advance order with Shout! Factory's online store, where you get the item early and get a bonus disc along with it. Our thanks to reader Jackson Burnett for his contribution to this story:

Order this title directly from Shout! Factory

Mystery Science Theater 3000 - XXXIX

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