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Mystery Science Theater 3000 - Blu-rays, DVDs for 'Season 11' Starring Jonah Ray, Felicia Day, Patton Oswalt

Tom Servo, Crow and Gypsy are all back of course, for Shout! Factory's revival season of the show!

Posted by David Lambert
    NORMALLY, ANYTHING REVIVED FROM THE DEAD IS SOMETHING TO BE FEARED. But when fans broke crowdfunding records to bring back Mystery Science Theater 3000, it was an event worthy of the finest disco cannons!

    Hapless Jonah Heston (Jonah Ray) is trapped on the dark side of the moon and forced to watch cheesy movies by the evil, profit-obsessed mad scientist Kinga Forrester (Felicia Day) and her snarky henchman Max (Patton Oswalt). So Jonah does what any gadget-savvy kidnappee would do: make fun of the films with the help of his wisecracking robot pals, Tom Servo (Baron Vaughn), Crow (Hampton Yount) and Gypsy (Rebecca Hanson).

    With luminary guest stars Mark Hamill, Neil Patrick Harris, Joel McHale and Jerry Seinfeld, and the return of some familiar faces, MST3K: The Return is sure to keep you laughing 'til you bust a seam in your jumpsuit!
Only Shout! Factory, the folks who have been bringing you MST3K DVDs for almost ten years now, could have engineered the return of Mystery Science Theater 3000 to television with brand-new episodes. And with great talent like Jonah Ray, Felicia Day and Patton Oswalt to boot! After ten seasons in its original run from 1989 to 1999, the program returned in 2017 and was seen on Neflix as "Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return - Season 1. They had 14 episodes:
  1. Reptilicus (Wil Wheaton and Erin Gray guest star)
  2. Cry Wilderness (Mary Jo Pehl, Bill Corbett, and Kevin Murphy guest star)
  3. The Time Travelers (Elliott Kalan and Joel Hodgson guest star)
  4. Avalanche (Neil Patrick Harris guest stars)
  5. The Beast of Hollow Mountain
  6. Starcrash (Jerry Seinfeld guest stars)
  7. The Land That Time Forgot
  8. The Loves of Hercules
  9. Yongary: Monster from the Deep
  10. Wizards of the Lost Kingdom
  11. Wizards of the Lost Kingdom II (Mary Jo Pehl, Bill Corbett, and Kevin Murphy guest star)
  12. Carnival Magic (Mark Hamill guest stars)
  13. The Christmas That Almost Wasn't (Elliott Kalan and Joel Hodgson guest star)
  14. At the Earth's Core (Mary Jo Pehl, Bill Corbett, Kevin Murphy, Joel McHale, and Paul Chaplin guest star)
Now Shout! has announced that they will release this on DVD ($69.97 SRP) and high-def Blu-ray Disc ($99.99 SRP) on April 17th as "Mystery Science Theater 3000 - Season 11." As a special offer, customers who pre-order it from on DVD or on Blu-ray will "get it shipped TWO WEEKS EARLY!" (so, April 3rd.)

The title will be 8 discs long in either format, and both versions will come with a bonus feature, the "We Brought Back MST3K" Documentary. English subtitles are included, and package art is below. There's also an pre-order button link, if you prefer to buy it from there:

Order this title from

Mystery Science Theater 3000 - Season 11

Mystery Science Theater 3000 - Season 11

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