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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Bonus Disc #3 Contents, Short Delay (but Quick Shipping) for 40-DVD Set, and a 6-DVD Complete 'Season 1' Set

A morphinominal update related to THREE different Power Rangers releases

Posted by David Lambert
Several weeks ago we reported on the disc-by-disc contents of the 2 bonus discs which are shipping exclusively with either Shout! Factory's 19-DVD release of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - The Complete Series (NOTE: this link is currently empty, as this was a special item sold last month at San Diego Comic Con), or Time Life's 40-DVD release of Power Rangers Seasons 1-7: From Mighty Morphin to Lost Galaxy. That larger set will also contain a 3rd bonus disc, too, and we've now got an equally detailed list of the contents of this item:
  • Tales of the Giant Banana: A Look Back at Bulk and Skull - Paul Schrier and Jason Narvy look back at the fun and chemistry behind fan-favorite characters Bulk and Skull
  • Behind The Mask: Celebrating the Stunt Team - Stunt coordinator Jeff Pruitt and stunt team members Bridgett Riley and Sophia Crawford recall what it really took to be a Power Ranger
  • A Convention With Attitude: Power Morphicon - An intimate look into the fan-created convention exclusively honoring Power Rangers!
  • Power Playback: Power Rangers Funniest Moments - Hosted by Johnny Yong Bosch (1998 TV Special)
  • Power Rangers: The Lost Episode - Hosted by Austin St. John and Walter Emmanuel Jones (1999 TV Special)
  • "It's Comin": Zeo Serial (1996 sneak preview promo series)
  • "Gold Lining": Zeo Promo (1996)
  • "Stick Together" Music Video, sung by Nakia Burrise (1996)
This disc will also presumably be included in an eventual release of Seasons 4-7 (a 21-disc set with Zeo, Turbo, In Space and Lost Galaxy) that we expect to be offered at some future point.

These three bonus discs are quite fantastic! But please note that none of the three are planned to be available in any individual season sets, or half-season sets...not from Shout! Factory (like this one) and not from Time Life (like the one we'll discuss below). They are ONLY included in the various multi-season sets which are specifically named above.

For those of you who have pre-ordered Time Life's 40-DVD collection, Power Rangers Seasons 1-7: From Mighty Morphin to Lost Galaxy, you'll possibly have noted that the listing at has today been updated to show that the scheduled ship date has suddenly moved from this week to next week. Time Life issued this statement to us about it, to share with our readers:
    Rita Repulsa is at it again, and she sent the putties to our warehouse! A manufacturing delay is preventing us from shipping our Power Rangers collection until next week. We know there is a lot of excitement for this collection, so we're upgrading everyone who has pre-ordered the collection through today with expedited shipping.
"Expedited shipping" means FedEx or similar, so in other words you'll get it quickly once they get it out the door. And some of you who pre-ordered this set might see it earlier than this always, Time Life will begin sending the packages out just as soon as they can get them in the warehouse and turn them around. If the sets are in stock sooner than next week, then you patient morphinominal fans will get them just that much more quickly!

Finally, for folks who can't afford (or simply aren't interested in) the big multi-season sets named above, but prefer more than the three-disc half-season set that Shout! will put in stores later this month, Time Life is now taking orders for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Season 1, a 6-DVD set with the complete first season of the show. Cover art is shown below, and you'll see that it's identical to the image on the box of Shout!'s release for Season 1, Vol.1. And while Shout!'s in-stores release on three discs costs $14.99 as of this writing, and ships in two weeks, Time Life's six-disc release of the complete first MMPR season is priced at $29.99 for 60 episodes and is shipping this week (although, like the 40-disc set, it could possibly be pushed back until next week).

And, while it's still true (as we stated above) that you won't get any of the bonus discs with this complete Season 1 set, Time Life will give you the same "Bonus Red Ranger Action Figure with Sword and Blaster" with this 6-disc title, as you would otherwise get with the 40-DVD collection. And right now there's free shipping on it, too. Such a deal! Our thanks to reader Brent Gelsinger for his help with this portion of the story. Here, we've already gotten to feast our eyes on the 40-DVD collection, and let me just say: THIS is where it's happening! If you're a Power Rangers fan, it's the one to get. Don't forget that you can pay for that big item in 5 installments of $43.99, and shipping is also free. Choose wisely!

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Season 1

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