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The Mighty Boosh - 2nd and 3rd Season Sets Both Coming to DVD in North America

Arriving on the same day as the previously-announced Season 1 set!

Posted by David Lambert
Late in March we had the announcement, then artwork and extras, for the BBC's July 21st release of The Mighty Boosh - The Complete Season 1. Now the studio, along with distributor Warner Home Video, have announced the DVD releases of the remaining two seasons of the program!

News GraphicAnd no, you won't have to wait, either! The Mighty Boosh - The Complete Season 2 and The Mighty Boosh - The Complete Season 2 are coming out on July 21st as well...the same day as the first season set! And, like that one, these will also each be 2-discs sets, costing $29.98 SRP per season.

Specs on the two new releases are shown as being identical to each other: 168 minutes running time on each, presented in widescreen video, with audio in English Stereo, and an English subtitles option to boot. Extras, if any, haven't been mentioned. Nor is full-sized art available, but on the right you can see the thumbnail-sized shot of the second season set. Here are the studio descriptions for these two newly-announced titles:
    Season 2: Join Howard and Vince along with Naboo - the south London shaman - and Bollo - his gorilla familiar - as they embark on a series of epic adventures to the farthest corners of the universe. Gasp in awe as they stumble into the legendary lair of the yeti. Tremble with anticipation as they explore another planet in search of the jacuzzi of youth. Bite off your own arm in fear as an army of nanas trample Shoreditch, inner city London, into the ground like soft cheese and feel strangely excited by the luring pout of old Gregg the deep sea transsexual. Sit back, relax and open your door of cuckundoo, because the boosh is loose and it's coming at you like a shark with knees.

    Season 3: This time 'round we find Howard and Vince working in the Nabootique, an ordinary second hand shop in Dalston. Or is it? No, it is actually a front for Naboo's nefarious shamanistic activities, thus drawing our hapless duo into a series of magical adventures where they confront a host of eerie characters old and new. See them recoil at the terrifying stink of the Crack Fox. Watch Howard weep in fear at the impending green doom of the Hitcher. See Vince scurry flamboyantly away from a murderous albino wizard. Welcome back old friends and foes in the weird forms of Bob Fossil - dancer/freak, the spirit of jazz with his electric tendrils and Tony Harrison, the sarcastic pink bladder. Strap yourself in and clean your eyeballs in preparation for season 3 of The Mighty Boosh.

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