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Logan's Run - Studio Facebook Page Says 'The Complete Series' is In-the-Works for 2011

Spin-off show starring Gregory Harrison is being put together by the Warner Archive team

Posted by David Lambert
Logan's Run started life as a 1967 novel by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson, then became a classic 1976 film starring Michael York, Richard Jordan, Jenny Agutter and Farrah Fawcett. The movie was so popular that it led to a spin-off TV series starring Gregory Harrison (Trapper John, M.D.'s "Dr. Gonzo"), Heather Menzies (The Sound of Music's "Louisa"), Donald Moffat (A Clear and Present Danger's "President Bennett"), and Randy Powell (Dallas' "Alan Beam"). The show had a 90-minute pilot and 13 regular weekly episodes (3 of them were unaired). Those included visits from Mary Woronov, Kim Cattrall, Soon-Tek Oh, Jared Martin, Melody Anderson, Barbara Babcock, Nehemiah Persoff, and Gerald McRaney. Star Trek veteran D.C. Fontana wrote for and was story editor on the show.

Each year our friends at the Home Theater Forum try to hold a live online chat with Warner Home Video, where HTF members can ask the studio about their DVD release plans. During the 2008 chat, I personally asked about a number of shows (so many they made a joke of it). Logan's Run was one of those programs I asked about, and the reply was "We'll revisit Logan's Run in the event the theatrical film happens." Yes, a new theatrical film had begun being planned at the time, and is still in development for a possible 2012 release. So that means we're getting close to a release of the TV show, right?

RIGHT! Our friends at the DVD website The Digital Bits include columnist/editor Adam Jahnke, who - just like me - is a big fan of the Logan's Run television series. This past Monday, Adam asked about it at the Facebook fan page of the Warner Archive Collection, the studio's group that handles their manufacture-on-demand (MOD) releases. Late yesterday the people at the Warner Archive answered Adam's questions, with VERY good news that this is actually being developed!
    We are cuurently [sic] at work on the LOGAN'S RUN series, and hope to have it ready sometime this year. It will be all the episodes, including the few that didn't air during the original network run.
Wow, that's fantastic, and I'm personally very glad to hear it! My thanks to Adam for asking, and to Warner for answering with the info I've been waiting for. We know that a LOT of our readers have been waiting for this news, too, so we couldn't wait to pass it along. Enjoy! And stay tuned for updates, of course, as further developments occur.

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