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Justice League - 'Complete Series' Blu-rays Planned for the 'Unlimited' Episodes!

JLU's 39 episodes are in-the-works for a high-def Archive release!

Posted by David Lambert
From 2001 to 2004, the Cartoon Network aired two seasons of Justice League, 52 animated episodes which brought together several of the mightiest superheroes from DC Comics. After the second season concluded, the stakes were raised even further with 39 new episodes which aired as Justice League Unlimited, featuring the same core group of superheroes, but expanded to including a rotating cast of more heroes from across the DC Comics universe (or multi-verse, as the case might be, or might have been, or...well, it's complicated!).

All 91 episodes of the combined show have been released on DVD, but not yet on high-def Blu-ray Disc. In 2008, Warner Home Video released Justice League - Season 1 on Blu-ray, and then in 2011 the studio finally followed up with Justice League - Season 2 on Blu. However, what about a high-def release for the Unlimited episodes? There's been no word about it for many years, but now we thank reader Omar Odeh for informing us that such an indication has finally come to light!

Many of last week's newest releases of various DC-produced comic books included a full-page ad, shown below, from the Warner Archive Collection. As you can see, it shows the Justice League Unlmited logo in the center of the page, squarely positioned over the "big three" (Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman). Above that is the exciting info we've all been waiting for: "The Complete Series: Coming Soon to Blu-ray!"

No specific date is provided, nor any other timeframe. And as of this writing there's no official info yet from the online store. But stay tuned and we'll update you further about Justice League - Unlimited: The Complete Series on Blu-ray Disc, just as soon as we can!

Justice League - Unlimited: The Complete Series (Blu-ray)

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