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Justice League - 'DC Super-Heroes' Features Superman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Batman

Re-releases of classic JL animated episodes in early February

Posted by David Lambert
The upcoming Justice League film is set to hit theaters in November 2017, following up on the continuity established in 2013's Man of Steel and last year's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. In the new movie, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman will be joined by The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg.

In preparation for the new theatrical film, Warner Home Video wants to tie in some DVD releases - mostly aimed at the supermarket checkout line and similar outlets, but also available through other home video retailers, too - with episodes of the 2001 animated Justice League series. This line-up is called the DC Super-Heroes; it's 4 different single-disc releases which sell for $14.97 SRP per item. Our thanks to one of our readers, "Chris," for helping us with this story. Since Aquaman appeared rarely in the show, and Cyborg not at all, the 4 releases are themed around Superman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, and Batman.

Cover art for these 4 titles can be seen below, and the release date is February 7th for all four of these items. Justice League - DC Super-Heroes: Superman will consist of the 3-part story "Secret Origins" (previously released on DVD in April 2002 as Justice League - Vol 1: Secret Origins). The Justice League - DC Super-Heroes: The Flash DVD will come with the 2 two-part stories "Paradise Lost" and "War World" (previously released in July 2003 as Justice League - Vol 3: Paradise Lost). The Justice League - DC Super-Heroes: Wonder Woman DVD will also come with 2 two-part stories: "The Brave and the Bold" and "Injustice For All" (previously released in October 2004 as Justice League - Vol 5: The Brave And The Bold).

All of those are episodes from the first season. Finally, Justice League - DC Super-Heroes: Batman comes with the story "Starcrossed," the second season finale - originally shown in three parts - which heralded the end of the two-season Justice League show and signaled the changeover to Justice League Unlimited. This item (previously released in July 2004 as Justice League - Vol 4: Starcrossed The Movie) will also the Featurettes "Hawkman: From Comics To Cartoon" and "Tour Of The Watchtower," Deleted Scenes, Justice League Watchtower: Character Bios, and Trailers.

If you own the previous DVD releases - over a decade old now! - or own these episodes in the DVD or Blu-ray Disc season sets, there probably isn't any reason to buy these all over again. Unless you just want them for their different cover art (see below). But if you never got these, and want to use them to introduce a young superhero fan to the show, these might be what you're looking for!

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