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Johnny Bravo - Long-Awaited Season 1 DVDs Kick Off the 'Cartoon Network Hall of Fame' Lineup

Look for a 2-disc set early this coming March

Posted by David Lambert
    Join Johnny Bravo, the dim-witted, girl-chasing, muscle-flexing, sunglasses-wearing, clown-hating, mama-loving pretty boy as he karate-chops his way through 13 Outrageous Episodes of action-packed antics that'll rock your world! Hilarious pop-culture references including spoofs of Schoolhouse Rock, The Wizard of Oz, The Jungle Book and Dr. Seuss serve up gut-busting laughs.

    Johnny Bravo - Season 1 (early thumbnail)Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane worked on Johnny Bravo as a writer and illustrator. Guest appearances from Scooby-Doo and the Mystery, Inc. Gang along with celebrities like Farrah Fawcett, Adam West and Donny Osmond boost this 2-Disc Complete Season One Collection to hubba-hubba status. Play it cool, like Johnny would, and play this heaping helping of pure Bravo!
The Cartoon Network's classic series comes to DVD on March 9th with Johnny Bravo - Season 1, the first release under the new "Cartoon Network Hall of Fame" banner. This 2-disc set with 13 episodes will cost $24.98 SRP. On the right you can see a small, thumbnail-sized look at the possible box art, but as it says this is an early shot and could be subject to change. Stay tuned for a high-res look at the final version of that art, once it's made available!

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