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Growing Pains - 'The Complete 3rd Season' is Now Available on DVD from the Warner Archive

This new manufacture-on-demand title can be purchased online starting today

Posted by David Lambert
    As the hit comedy series continues in its third season, family dynamics hold court. In a two-part episode, Jason's ability to look at the bright side turns a family vacation in Maui - a vacation that would be called a disaster by anyone else's standards - into a positive experience. Back on Long Island, when their house is burglarized, the Seavers realize their sense of security is worth more than any stolen possession. How will they recover that?

    Plus, Maggie gets hired at a TV station, Mike runs for student body president of his high school and, when Carol turns in an exam that she bluffed her way through because she didn't study and gets an A- on it, she has serious doubts about the importance of grades and education. What will Mike say to quell her concerns? Of course, these stories and more are executed with humor and heart as Growing Pains continues to delight viewers. Guest stars include Kelly Hu (The Vampire Diaries).
Today, May 21st, the Warner Archive Collection has released an MOD (manufacture on demand) DVD set of Growing Pains - The Complete 3rd Season. Priced at just $29.95 SRP, this 24-episode collection includes two double-length episodes (including the season opener, "Aloha," with the Seavers in Maui). Guest stars include Kelly Hu (appearing in the extended premiere, and then returning again later in the season), Heather Graham, Brad Pitt (yes, THAT Brad Pitt!), Dawn Wells, Dick Butkus, Dennis Haysbert, and Heather Langerkamp.

As a Warner MOD title, Growing Pains - The Complete 3rd Season is only available right now from Warner's "WBshop" online store (see button link below) for delivery to customers in the United States. However, if you live outside the USA, don't worry, because this title is also expected to be available shortly via Amazon's CreateSpace MOD program, and Amazon usually ships DVDs to anywhere in the world.

Fans may well wonder why the change for Growing Pains from "traditional" in-stores releases over to the MOD program. Well, frankly, this show has indeed seen its share of "pains" on DVD. The first season, released in 2006, was widely known to have fallen below sales goals, leading to a five-year gap until the second season came out on disc in early 2011. Our home video industry contacts tell us that this second title also had problems selling, and largely sat on store shelves. Mind you, Warner has NOT commented to us about this...but obviously we expect that the choice the studio had to make was to either stop the releases entirely or else to move the show's DVDs to the MOD program. Via the Warner Archive, at least the dedicated fans still had access to buying the remaining seasons (there were 7 seasons produced). We applaud this as absolutely being the right decision among those two choices. And there's nothing wrong with MOD releases; I personally own Warner Archive titles from four years ago through current titles, and they all work perfectly. Here's the package art:

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Growing Pains - The Complete 3rd Season

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