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The Greatest American Hero - Re-Release is In-The-Works for 'The Complete Series'

Look at what's happening to these DVDs. I can't believe it myself!

Posted by David Lambert
In 2006, after releasing the three individual season sets the year before, Anchor Bay Entertainment (which later became parented as Starz, which in turn was purchased by Lionsgate last year) released The Greatest American Hero - Deluxe Collector's Tin. It contained the entire run of the show, but went out of print after some time had passed. In 2009, Stephen J. Cannell Productions, Inc. (which owns the program) inked a new home video distribution deal, with Mill Creek Entertainment. That led to Mill Creek's 2010 release of The Greatest American Hero - The Complete Series on DVD, along with season set re-releases of the first two seasons.

The 2010 release has since gone out-of-print, as Mill Creek's license expired after a while. We've poked around and discovered from industry sources that Cinedigm Entertainment acquired the rights to Cannell's TV properties, including Greatest American Hero. They may or may not have sub-licensed those rights to another studio; as of this writing we're not sure. Even if they have, it may be to a studio who Cinedigm distributes to retailers for (as an example, Shout! Factory's TV-DVD releases like MST3K are distributed to retail chains such as Walmart via the folks at Cinedigm).

Now VideoETA, a website produced by home video wholesaler Ingram Entertainment, is showing that on September 26th Cinedigm Entertainment (or one of the partners who they distribute at retail for) will re-release The Greatest American Hero - The Complete Series on DVD. The entire three-season run will come on 9 discs, priced at $79.97 SRP. No other information is available yet, nor package art. But fans who have missed it (and didn't want to pay several hundred dollars for "collectible" sales on the used market of the previous two releases) will now be able to get this in the fall at a price they can afford. has a listing for the item, but so far doesn't show any info beyond the title, and isn't accepting pre-orders just yet. Stay tuned for updates!

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