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Frankenstein Jr. and the Impossibles - Forced Off The Tube In '68, Could This Hanna-Barbera Toon Be Coming To DVD?

On The Studio's Radar For 2008, We Hear!

Posted by David Lambert
In 1966, a new Hanna-Barbera cartoon debuted on CBS Saturday mornings: Frankenstein Jr. and the Impossibles. According to our friends at the Big Cartoon DataBase, there were 18 total episodes made over two seasons, with 18 cartoons of "Frankenstein Jr." and 36 cartoons for "The Impossibles." Each half-hour episode had two cartoons of "The Impossibles" (a rock group who were super-heroes in disguise: Coil-Man, Fluid-Man and Multi-Man), with a cartoon of "Frankenstein Jr." in between (no monster, "Frankie" was a robot hero who was built by the scientist dad of his smart young human friend, Buzz Conroy).

But CBS was sensitive to protesting parents, who wrote in complaining that this Saturday morning show was too violent, and finally the series was canceled in 1968. It wasn't the first time such a protest was made about a show, nor would it be the last. Some have theorized that the "Frankenstein Jr." pairing of the voices of Ted Cassidy ("Lurch" of the monster-themed series The Addams Family) with Dick Beals ("Davey" of the religious-themed series Davey and Goliath) as Frankie and Buzz, respectively, didn't help the situation. It's possible, but back in the '60s it's somewhat doubtful that too many people in the public were aware of the voice actors or their previous TV efforts. And don't forget that the "Frankenstein Jr." cartoons were re-used on NBC in 1976's The Space Ghost / Frankenstein Jr. Show (which also re-used cartoons from the original '66 Space Ghost and Dino-Boy series).

Now rumors have reached our ears from anonymous (but trusted) sources, that Warner Home Video is strongly considering a DVD release of Frankenstein Jr. and the Impossibles - The Complete Series in 2008, as part of their ongoing "Hanna-Barbera Classic Collection" series of packages. It's one of a handful of possible items that were mentioned by the same source of ours. And, although the studio hasn't confirmed any of those items, a couple of the other titles we heard about were indeed confirmed independently by a separate source (don't worry; we'll talk about those in separate news stories today). So, we feel pretty good that Frankenstein Jr. and the Impossibles is at least on the studio's radar. Will it actually get released? We possibly won't know that until - and unless - the studio decides to go ahead and do it, and then makes a public announcement. Stay tuned, though, and we'll let you know more, whenever any developments occur!

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