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Dynasty - DVDs ANNOUNCED: Fans to Get ALL of 'The 5th Season' on the Same Day... ***UPDATE: New Details, Possible Package Covers*** ***2ND UPDATE: Final, Hi-Res 3D Artwork***

...but STILL as split-season sets, sold separately or packed together in a shrink-wrap bundle

Posted by David Lambert
Last fall we passed along word to our readers, in October and then in November, from the Facebook fan page of CBS Home Entertainment. They had spoken about when fans could expect the long- awaited 5th Season DVDs for they very popular prime-time soap opera Dynasty, starring John Forsythe, Joan Collins, Linda Evens and Heather Locklear. The studio postings on Facebook initially spoke of a March 2011 release date, but then the studio took down that info, and requested that we take it down as well, explaining to us that this information would not turn out to be correct. However, while the info was up on the CBS Facebook page, it's interesting to note that a large number of fans gave them comments speaking out against the half-season sets which have been the norm for Dynasty since the third season came out in 2008. The feedback explained that consumers wanted to buy the entire season at once.

This morning Spelling Entertainment and CBS/Paramount have formally announced the 5th Season DVDs of Dynasty to retailers, and it's clear that they've listened to the fans, and struck up what appears to be a compromise. The studio is STILL releasing a pair of half-season sets, titled "Dynasty - The 5th Season, Volume 1" and "Dynasty - The 5th Season, Volume 2." However, BOTH of these sets will be available on the same date, July 5th, and can be bought individually (in case it's better for your wallet to get one now, and the other later) or purchased as a two-pack bundle (where the two half-season sets are shrink-wrapped together with a label stuck on marking the bundle as a "complete fifth season set").

The running time for Dynasty - The 5th Season, Volume 1 will be 652 minutes, and the running time for Dynasty - The 5th Season, Volume 2 is listed as 698 minutes (that would add up to 1350 for the bundle). Both feature episodes presented in full screen video and English mono sound, just as they were originally broadcast. Naturally you should look for the star-studded cast and guest stars, including a season opener with the first appearance of Billy Dee Williams (Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back), who's cast as "Brady Lloyd" for five episodes during the course of this season. This is also, of course, the season with the events in Moldavia, and one of the biggest television cliffhangers ever aired ( spoilers here!). We don't have the pricing on these titles yet, nor do we have package art, but we're on the lookout for these. Stay tuned for updates!

UPDATE: Retailers have gotten some additional information from the studio about these titles, including a pair of small (thumbnail-sized!) images of the possible box cover art. These graphics were marked "artwork not final," so it's clear that Spelling and CBS/Paramount might still change those layouts. Still, we've got a peek at those for you, in case that's what ends up on store shelves. Underneath that we've got a studio description quoted, which gives lots of additional details about the contents of each of these 4-DVD sets. Check it out:

Dynasty - The 5th Season, Volume 1 and Dynasty - The 5th Season, Volume 2

    DYNASTY, the addictive, primetime soap opera that quickly became a 1980's hit, returns to DVD with THE FIFTH SEASON, VOLUME 1 & VOLUME 2. The fifth season continues to explore the conflicts, passions, drives, and tensions of the Carringtons, a powerful, rich, and greedy oil family, as they struggle to maintain their position of wealth and power in the world.

    DYNASTY returns to DVD with THE FIFTH SEASON, VOLUME 1 & VOLUME 2. Each volume includes 4 discs: Vol. 1 includes 15 episodes; featuring the debut of Catherine Oxenberg as spoiled daughter Amanda Carrington! Notable Guest Stars: Rock Hudson (Giant, Pillow Talk), Heather Locklear (Melrose Place), Billy Dee Williams (Lady Sings The Blues), Kevin McCarthy (Invasion of the Body Snatchers), Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galactica), Juliet Mills (Passions, Nanny And The Professor), Billy Campbell (The 4400, Once And Again).

    Vol. 2 includes 14 episodes; featuring the debut of Emma Samms as Fallon and the shocking cliffhanger of the royal wedding massacre! Notable Guest Stars: Ali MacGraw (Love Story), Emma Samms (General Hospital).
2ND UPDATE: Shortly after we posted the update above, Paramount Home Entertainment released the finalized, high-res 3D package art for both titles! Obviously it's a "girls and boys" theme, excepting for John Forsythe himself:

Dynasty - The 5th Season, Volume 1

Dynasty - The 5th Season, Volume 2

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