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Doctor Who - Evil Box Art Exposed: Package Appears for Classic Who DVD

Still Waiting on Warrior Art

Posted by David Lambert
Following on the heels of an announcement the other day that April 1st would see the release of Doctor Who - Story #081: Planet of Evil, the BBC and Warner Home Video have now provided a look at the package art. We've got that for you just below.

We're still waiting on artwork for the other classic Who DVD release coming out that same day, Doctor Who - Story #070: The Time Warrior (both of these quickly following a March release of The Complete Davros Collection). Stay tuned and we'll bring Time Warrior box art to you just as soon as it comes in.

While you're waiting, head on over and take a look at my story where I "dish" on Doctor Who: my brief thoughts on the recent death of the show's original producer just a day before the 44th anniversary of the first episode's debut, how the 10th Doctor and the 5th Doctor just met each other in a U.K. charity special broadcast, about the upcoming 2007 Christmas Special with guest star Kylie Minogue aboard the Titanic and how The Doctor will soon meet up with Agatha Christie. But nothing's going to grab you more than news that The Doctor's got a new Companion next season, and this time it's his "Bride" when you'll see more of Martha, of Captain Jack, and ROSE TYLER! All that just in time to take a year off and save the fifth season for 2010. This info might be old hat to die-hard fans, but if it's news to you, then click the above link and read my wrap-up of current - and future - events!

Doctor Who - Story #081: Planet of Evil
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