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Doctor Who - 'Story #111: Meglos' Revealed as the First DVD of 2011 for North America

@ClassicDW tweets the title and a link to the early cover art for this 4th Doctor story

Posted by David Lambert
    The Doctor is summoned back to the planet Tigella, where the population is divided along religious and scientific lines. Something is going terribly wrong with Tigella's main power source, the Dodecahedron, but the Savants are prevented from investigating by the zealous Deons. To make matters worse, before the Doctor can solve the problem with the Dodecahedron, he is accused of its theft. The true culprit is Meglos, a shapeshifting Zolfa-Thuran, who intends to unleash the full might of the Dodecahedron upon the universe.
Here's a special Saturday news post, and on a Labor Day holiday weekend to boot! What could make me do that (and before sunrise, even)? Why, nothing less than the level of the Doctor, a personal favorite of mine! A few days ago I passed along news from the @ClassicDW account on Twitter about what extras will be included on the long-awaited Doctor Who - The 1996 Movie DVD in North America, which is expected to come out sometime during the next 12-month period. But in it I mentioned how that day the 2|Entertain folks who run that account had also tweeted this intriguing hint: "Interesting developments regarding first R1 release of 2011. Hope to update within the next few days. "

This morning, roughly an hour ago, they came through with a follow-up tweet there, which says they have the "Exclusive reveal of first 2011 US title." That title turns out to be Doctor Who - Story #111: Meglos, a 4th Doctor adventure originally broadcast in the fall of 1980. It stars Tom Baker, Lalla Ward as "Romana," John Leeson as the voice of "K-9," and also featured Bill Fraser as "General Grugger" and Jacqueline Hill as "Lexa." Hill, as you surely know, was the actress who also played the 1st Doctor's companion, "Barbara Wright" (she spoke the very first words of the first episode, "An Unearthly Child"). This guest role is unrelated to her original role, but it's very welcome to see her back in the program for this story arc.

This 4-part serial runs approximately 87 minutes, and will be available in the U.K. just a few days after Christmas of this year, before hitting North America in early 2011. The specific USA/Canada release date was not revealed with this morning's story, but early cover art (subject to possible change) was posted at the Blogtor Who website; we've got that for you below (be sure to visit them for their take on this, and for other Doctor Who insights). Bonus material has not been finalized yet either, so stay tuned for that, along with pricing. Our thanks to the folks at @ClassDW for the pleasant holiday weekend surprise!

Doctor Who - Story #111: Meglos
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