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Doctor Who - Dates, Costs, and More for 'Ice Warriors,' 'Shalka,' 'Zygons,' 'Revisited 5-8'

2 titles are set for mid-September, then 2 more in early October

Posted by David Lambert
We've previously reported that the folks at BBC Home Entertainment have great plans for classic Doctor Who on DVD during the second half of this year, in time for the show's 50th Anniversary celebration. Today the BBC's distributor of DVDs in North America announced the release dates for which 4 of these upcoming titles have now been scheduled, with two in September and two more in October (each featuring digitally remastered picture and sound):

  • September 17th:
    • Doctor Who - Story #039: The Ice Warriors (Patrick Troughton as the 2nd Doctor)
        2 discs, 145 minutes, 6 episodes, full frame video, English mono audio, English subtitles, $34.98 SRP

          In the distant future, Earth faces a new Ice Age. While a dedicated team of scientists battle to hold the approaching glaciers at bay, a startling discovery is made deep within the ice: An alien warrior, frozen for millennia. When the Doctor, Jamie and Victoria arrive they soon discover Earth is under threat from the Ice Warriors - fearsome Martians intent on conquering our planet for themselves. This special DVD release contains the existing original episodes plus brand new animated versions of Episodes Two and Three, currently missing from the BBC Archives.
        • To Be Announced

    • Doctor Who - The Scream of the Shalka (Richard E. Grant voices the Doctor)
        1 disc, approx. 100 minutes, 6 animated episodes, English audio, $24.98 SRP

          The TARDIS lands in a small English village in 2003, where the population is living in fear from a malevolent alien force. With the help of UNIT and his new friend Alison, the Doctor discovers that a race called the Shalka are residing underground, preparing to strip away the earth's ozone layer and embark on a full-scale invasion of the planet. Voice cast includes Derek Jacobi as "The Master" and David Tennant in a cameo role as "The Caretaker."
        • To Be Announced (but expected to at least include an Audio Commentary track)

  • October 8th:
    • Doctor Who - Story #080: Terror of the Zygons (Tom Baker as the 4th Doctor)
        2 discs, 96 minutes, 4 episodes, full frame video, English mono audio, English subtitles, $34.98 SRP

          The Doctor, Sarah Jane and Harry return to Earth in response to the Brigadier's summons. UNIT are investigating a series of attacks on North Sea oil rigs and have set up a temporary HQ in the Scottish village of Tullock. The attacks are the work of a huge cyborg, the Skarasen, controlled by a group of aliens called Zygons whose spaceship lies at the bottom of Loch Ness. The Zygons plan to take over the Earth as a substitute for their own planet, which has been devastated by solar flares. They are using their shape-shifting abilities to take on the identities of locals whose inert bodies are held aboard their ship.
        • Audio Commentary
        • Extended Episode 1
        • Scotch Mist in Sussex
        • Remembering Douglas Camfield
        • The UNIT Family - Part Three
        • Doctor Who Stories - Tom Baker
        • Doctor Who Stories - Elisabeth Sladen
        • Merry-Go-Round: The Fuel Fishers
        • Isolated Music
        • Photo Gallery
        • PDF materials: Radio Times Listings
        • Production Note Subtitles

    • Doctor Who - The Doctors Revisited: 5-8 (Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, and Paul McGann as the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Doctors)
        4 discs, approx. 450 minutes, 4 complete stories, video and audio formats vary by story, $39.98 SRP

          In this exceptional commemoration celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who we continue our look back at the actors who have portrayed this iconic hero over its historic past. The years 1981-1996 saw four new actors portray the Doctor, Peter Davison (1981-83), Colin Baker (1984-86), Sylvester McCoy (1987-89) and Paul McGann (1996). Current Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat is joined by actors from Doctor Who's storied past including Downton Abbey star Hugh Bonneville and others to look back at the unique characteristics that make each actor's portrayal a thrilling new adventure. And each retrospective is followed by one full story for each Doctor, including Earthshock, Vengeance on Varos, Remembrance of the Daleks, and Doctor Who: The Movie, presented in both widescreen, feature-length version and in its episodic, original format. The Doctor's Revisited is a celebration of Doctor Who that true fans won't want to miss!
        • Specially recorded introduction to each classic story by Steven Moffat
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    Doctor Who - Story #080: Terror of the Zygons

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