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Doctor Who - BBC Statement on Removal of Davros, Remembrance - SE from Schedule

Looks Like it's 'Maximum Deletion' for the Daleks!

Posted by David Lambert
Yes, we realize we're borrowing a Cyberman-related quote, and one taken from the new version of the show to boot. But "Maximum Deletion" seems to describe the results of our inquiry to the BBC about last week's surprise news: the planned March 4th North American releases of Doctor Who - The Complete Davros Collection and Doctor Who - Story #152: Remembrance of the Daleks: Special Edition were yanked. We quickly asked the BBC when these highly anticipated Dalek-related releases would return to the schedule, and pasted below you will find a statement from BBC Video resulting from that question:
    "We had hoped to be able to release The Complete Davros Collection and Remembreance of the Daleks Special Edition in the U.S. market. Unfortunately, clearance issues that arose after the announce to the trade prevent us from doing so."
Wow, that's a pretty big bombshell they just dropped on us! It brings up two very important and obvious questions, which we have already sent back to the BBC, and we are waiting on an answer for them:
  • Can the BBC provide any clarification on what the clearance issues were?
  • Does this mean these two titles will NEVER be released in North America?
While we wait for these answers, we can speculate that the issue possibly arose on the new material provided for the "Special Edition" release of Remembrance of the Daleks, and that this item's inclusion in The Complete Davros Collection is probably what took that package out as well. It's logical, after all, since that's where you'll find the only new material which is common to both of these releases.

We're not sure what the clearance issues might be, because - as we discussed in a previous story - the original clearance issues regarding some songs by The Beatles should already be taken care of ("Unfortunately the music from The Beatles that was on the original broadcast will not be present on this disc in the Region 1 area; it could not be licensed for areas outside of Region 2"; more detailed information about that change can be found about halfway down the Restoration Team's article about the Davros set).

Hopefully we'll get some answers from BBC Video about this, and clear up the mystery. We're hopeful that the issues are not permanent ones, and that we can see these releases sometime later on. We'll update you whenever we find out more, so stay tuned!

Doctor Who - The Complete Davros Collection box art

Doctor Who - Story #152: Remembrance of the Daleks: Special Edition box art

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