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Doctor Who - Time Meddler, Black Orchid and a Five Doctors Re-release in August

August 5th release for all three titles

Posted by David Lambert
Distributor Warner Home Video hasn't officially announced anything, but Doctor Who Video FAQ runner Steve Manfred has the scoop on 3 upcoming new North American DVD releases for the original classic series. Here's a quote:

    BBC Worldwide Americas are announcing the release of three more classic series titles for North America on Tuesday, August 5, 2008. They will be:

    • The Time Meddler starring William Hartnell (4 25-minute episodes, 1 disc, $24.98),
    • Black Orchid starring Peter Davison (2 25-minute episodes, 1 disc, $14.98), and
    • The Five Doctors 25th Anniversary Edition starring Peter Davison, Jon Pertwee, Patrick Troughton, Richard Hurndall, Tom Baker, and William Hartnell (2 discs, $34.98, more on the contents below)

    The first two are conventional releases of stories not released before, with a price reduction on Black Orchid due to it being only a 2-part story (like The Sontaran Experiment was before it).

    The Five Doctors has been previously released in North America (it was one of the first DVDs we got in fact), but only as a "Special Edition" and it only two extra features on it, a commentary by Peter Davison and Terrance Dicks and the music soundtrack. This new edition will feature the original BBC TV version of the story on its first disc, which has never been released unedited in North America before be it on DVD or VHS. This is accompanied by a full range of bonus materials and a new commentary recorded by four of the actors who played companions in the story. The second disc contains the Special Edition again, with the Davison/Dicks commentary it had before, and another full set of extras and featurettes. The first disc will also contain a very special Easter Egg.
Manfred has more about that special Easter Egg mentioned at the end, but it's a bit of a spoiler. If you want to read it anyway, head on over to the link above and highlight the indicated "invisble" text.

To find out more about the special features that will be on all three of these releases, you can visit the listings at the Doctor Who Restoration Team's website for Doctor Who - Story #017: The Time Meddler, Doctor Who - Story #121: Black Orchid and for Doctor Who - Story #130: The Five Doctors 25th Anniversary Edition. Stay tuned for the official announcements of these titles from BBC Video and Warner Home Video, and we'll update you with any additional info, and package art as well.

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